2004-2005 Poetry Alive! Shows

Many schools invite Poetry Alive! for assemblies each year or every other year. As a result, many students see us many times. We provide distinctive programs from year to year to ensure that students see different shows.

The 2004-2005 programs for grades 9-12, 6-8, 3-5, and K-2 audiences are listed below, in show order. This program is subject to change based on show time allotted or other needs that your school may have.

Your assigned team will contact you at least one week prior to the show date to confirm the details of our visit.

The poem books are available online!

Follow the links to copies of poems or author biographies on the internet. If the poem you want is not linked, it is probably not Public Domain. Click the show's Bibliography link for where we've found the poem in print, many of the books are available from our product page. We are unable to copy and distribute print versions of poems that are not in public domain.