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August 2014


I walked in the moonlight,
Where the Sun never shone.
The sight that I saw
Chilled me to the bone.

They say the saying’s false;
There is no love at first sight.
But it was in that place that I fell;
It was in the moonlight.

It was you, who I found,
As beautiful as could be.
That’s when love struck hard;
That’s when it hit me.

You turned around,
And I gasped.
I cast my head down and kept walking;
I didn’t look as I passed.

The moonlight plays tricks;
That’s why I didn’t look.
I was scared your beauty wouldn’t be true;
It’s the oldest trick in the book.

But there was a force
That made me turn back around.
I realized right there,
I couldn’t be more love-bound.

There in the moonlight,
Beauty was evident on your face.
And when the Sun had risen,
Nothing was misplaced.

© 2014 Sanam T.
Palm Harbor University High School
Palm Harbor FL
Grade 9

July 2014

Barely Blazed

We change without our own consent,
And we present ourselves as new
With no real clue of
What to do.

What once was a telegraph
Became a photograph instantly uploaded
Into your Gmail while a female
Directs you to the nearest bar.

The world has broken chains,
Maximized trains, piloted planes,
Driving in the fast lane,
All in the name of economic gain.

The people have evolved from
Savages that used to ravage nature
For the spoils;
To immigrants whose toils enslaved
The depraved natives;
To politicians whose mission is change.
While fishing for votes, dishing out dirt,
To get their enemy’s admission
Or some obvious omission of the truth.

We’re genetically modified
Resistant to pesticides
Desensitized to herbicides
Laymen of homicide
Masters of genocide
Spectators of suicide.

Without fail the only trail
Blazed enough to see, leads us
To repeat the same rhyme
Every time;
Until we exist no more.

© 2014 Zachariah S.
The Linsly School
Wheeling, WV
Grade 12

July 2014


Courage is something you say,
Or do.
Not a feeling.
Sometimes, you have to work up the courage
To say,
I love you.

© 2014 Faith D.
Bay Shore Middle School
Bay Shore, NY
Grade 7

July 2014

Coal Miner

Black dusted,
Callused hands,
A tender heart,
He does his part,
He’s loved us from the start,
The tree he planted,
Is still thriving,
All because of him not caring about,
Black dusted,
Callused hands

© 2014 Gracie J.
Crawford Elementary School
Crawford CO
Grade 5
This poem is dedicated to my daddy, I love u so much daddy.

June 2014

Forgotten Voices

Like an animal caged in by
Hate, prejudice, and racism

Alone in the darkness
mute to the world around me

They say everyone has a voice in this world
I know there lying
Justifying the wrong does not make it right

Even if I had a voice-you would not listen
For I am alone, unloved, forgotten

For even I forget that I too am a human
I too can have feelings
I too can be loved
I too can share my opinions

I sit in silence hoping, praying, and waiting for the day when the light of hope will shine; and the key of justice will unlock me

I am Human
I am Free
I am Me

© 2014 Maia T.
Fox Lane Middle School
Bedford, NY
Grade 7

June 2014


Ortley Beach was always my favorite place to go, I loved
fishing, crabbing, kayaking and the ducks and swans saying hello.

My Granny’s house was always full of family and friends, the food
and fun had no end.

I loved walks on the beach and sunsets over the bay, whenever it was time to leave I always
wanted to stay!

Hurricane Sandy was on it’s way, causing destruction along the way. The damage
was something no one expected, my Granny and her friends were all affected.

The ocean rose and caused a flood, within our house was four feet of water and mud.

Walking thru the house I felt so sad, Hurricane Sandy made me so mad!

Seeing the roller coast in the ocean, I felt so many sad emotions.

We hope to be in the house this summer, not being there has been a bummer.

The memories of the old shore house were fun, but now it’s time to make new ones!

© 2014 by Lauren Joy S.
Wilson School
West Caldwell, NJ
3rd Grade

June 2014


The Highlighter
Like a sun
bursting out of the sky
It’s bright color
Moisture like dew.

© 2014 Hayley H.
Pine Crest School
Ft.Lauderdale FL
Grade 2

May 2014

Ocean Beauty

Do you know the beauty of the ocean sounds?
The ocean goes shou shou!
The clear waves slicing the gust of wind.
Making the loudest swish.
The crabs are snapping towards the shimmering sand.
The baby turtles hatch and crawls towards their new adventure and life.
The glittery sun setting in the West its time for the new Moon to shine.

© 2014 Samuel T.
Palm Lake Elementary
Orlando, FL
Grade 4

May 2014

What Happened?

Holding tears back,
I walk into the school,
sadness overpowering me.
As hard as it is,
I know I have to move on.
Rooted to the ground next to my locker,
I ask myself,
what happened?

Taking my head out of my locker,
I walk into class.
Chaos at first,
then complete silence as I take a step in.
I hear the same question,
filling my head with frustration.
Over and over again, please tell me,
what happened?

The teacher calls on me,
I’m confused,
lost in a world I never thought existed.
My name echoes throughout the room.
I come back to reality.
I’m sitting down,
a chewed up pencil in my hand.
I don’t know what to do.
Once again, the annoying question,
what happened?

I can’t take it anymore.
I jump up,
and startle my class.
I want to run away,
but I don’t think I’ll ever be free of the sadness inside.
I yell out loud,
and realize it feels good to let my anger out.
I break into tears at the mere thought of anything ever feeling good again,
and I fall to the ground.
You’ll never know,
you’ll never know how it feels,
to lose someone so close to your heart.
So much worry, so much sorrow.
My teacher scolds me for being such a fool, a weak little girl,
but she’ll never know,
she’ll never know,
why I’m so sad.
She’ll never know,
what happened.

My mom comes to tell me,
that it’ll all be fine.
How can she say that?
Because nothing will ever be fine, ever again.
I have a hazy memory of what happened,
but I don’t want to forget.
If I forget,
my life will be a lie.
All the happy, cheerful smiles,
those are all lies.
I have no right to be happy,
no right to smile.
Not after all that’s happened so far.
I just don’t want to explain,
what happened.

I’ll live my life in sorrow,
but I will never forget.
I’ll drown in my own tears,
but I will never dare to smile.
Quit asking me what happened,
because I will never know myself.

© 2014 Sara T.
Sartartia Middle School
Sugar Land, TX
Grade 6

May 2014

Her Favorite

Sundays were her favorite
The beginning of a new week
A fresh start
But more importantly
A day well spent with her family

Lately there was just not enough time in her day
Rushing here, running there,
Late to this and missing that
Except those Sunday mornings
Sundays were her favorite

Waking up to the smell of maple syrup
Feeling the warmth of the sun glare through the window
Listening to the sounds of her siblings upstairs
Never had she been happier to be alive
Sundays were her favorite

For Sunday is usually the saddest day of them all
School and work at six the next morning
Late cramming for homework
Rushing to plan the week
But Sundays were still her favorite

For she realized how lucky she really was
To gather around the television and watch silly shows
To laugh at jokes that weren’t funny
Even to argue over who gets the last waffle
Sundays were her favorite

She would wait all weekend to spring out of bed
To learn new things about her family
For the most important moments in her life
Were always the small ones
Sundays, were her favorite

© 2014 Jennifer R.
Commack High School
Commack, NY
Grade 10