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December 2014


A garden that cannot compare to any other

A garden of which you have to be respectful, kind, loving and giving to get in

A garden when fate decides your destiny

A garden where birds chirp and hummingbirds hum

A garden where trees are respected and fruits grow upon them

A garden that makes you feel new and wanted every time you go in

A garden where the sun is always shining bright

A garden where the sunset is magical

A garden where you are free to express and nobody will judge


(c) 2014 Jaiden D.
Lincoln Public School
Lincoln MA
Grade 6

December 2014

Winter Fun

Spring and summer gone at last
Fall is just in the past.
But, what do you know?
What happened now?
Now you can see the winter ground.
Dancing with the snowflakes is fun.
While making snow angels in the sun.
Winter goes by so quickly
I can’t tell you why missy.
Christmas time is coming near
With all the presents and merry cheer.
Just one more thing I’m missing now
Is to hear you laugh and howl.
Finally winter is over
Say good-by to my dog rover.

(c) 2014 Sophia O.
Sandy Ridge Elementary
Durham NC
Grade 3

November 2014

The Hatchling

The hatchling sat atop his nest
He felt the air and stretched his wings
He longed to soar the skies and yet
The fear pressed down and now he sings

“I wish to be out there, my kin;”
He warbled from his lonely perch
“For if a bird be scared of wind,
Then tell me what would be his worth?”

He crept out to a branch below
The limb caught in his panicked grip
How it must feel, he had to know
And then he had a fateful slip

He chirped a cry and flapped in fear
Whilst growing farther from the skies
His desperate call had found no ear
His fear forgotten, now he flies

(c) 2014 Braeden K.
Arcanum High School
Arcanum OH
Grade 12

November 2014

A Haiku

Sun comes up early
Colors dance across the sky
A new day coming

People rush about
School, work, busy day ahead.
All must be finished

Do all of your chores
Eat, sleep, school, keep pushing hard
It will be worth it

Sun sets under late
Stars twinkle across the sky
A new day ending

(c) 2014 Campbell Elaine G.
Matoaca Middle School
Chesterfield VA
Grade 7

November 2014

This Poem Makes No Sense

One day, a tiger sat in a tree.
At the same time, drinking a cup of tea.
“At the age of three I was bitten by a bee”, he said to a passing pre-shrunk skunk.
The skunk said “phoo”
His face turned blue.
And he walked off into the sky.
The next day, a boy by the name of Bill.
Saw an armadillo from the country of Brazil.
His little snout was poked high in the air.
And he started to growl like a Grizzly Bear.
He jumped up once, and he jumped up twice.
And he ran away fast, as fast as mice.
Then, later that day, the King of France.
Came to his parlor, to jump and dance.
He danced around once, and he danced around twice.
And he saw on the floor, a bag of rice.
He leaned down far to pick it up.
But, before he could, a little pup.
Ran over and scooped him up.
The pup carried him wide and he carried him far.
And he tossed him in his gigantic car.
He stepped on the gas, and went vroooom, vroooom.
And sped the king off to his tomb.
He stepped on the brake, and stopped the car.
And smacked the king, with his huge guitar.
He tossed the king into his grave.
And as the king was buried, the pup gave a wave.
The pup sped off in his fancy car, no longer poor.
And, that’s all there is, there isn’t any more.

(c) 2014 Ben E.
Saint Edward’s School
Vero Beach FL
Grade 5

November 2014


It’s dark, it’s dirty and cruel
Everywhere you look there’s rubble and fire
Rats, bugs, and blood thirsty soldiers
Bullets whizzing, bombs exploding
That’s life in The Ghetto

(c) 2014 Ray T.
St. Edwards School
Vero Beach FL
Grade 2

October 2014

This Life

I’m high on life
Music is my heartbeat
Books are the air I breathe
The earth is the sweetest song I sing
The trees and the sea are my temptresses
Challenging me letting me know there is more to explore more to see
I want to experience touch, feel, see everything
I want to do it all
And never forget
All the things I haven’t done yet!
I want to fly through the sky
And let the air flow over me
I want to fall in love, break up, make love
Then do it all over again
I want to go from place to place
Going where ever the wind may send
I want to ride the waves feel the sun on my face
Oh the possibilities this life was made for me!

(c) 2014 Vanessa S.
Mississinawa Valley High School
Union City OH
Grade 12

October 2014

Hallow’s Eve

Crisp, cool air blows through the golden sunlight

The sun, brilliant in its own majesty,
Shines bright throughout the countryside

The bittersweet aroma of the land below fills the zephyr

The colors of fall slowly dull as the light withdraws from the sky

Darkness envelops the land…

The moon is aglow, luminous and shimmering in the shadows

The air turns cold and empty

Soulless and feral,

Its icy embrace chills the very marrow of your bones…

The confines of the dead rupture and loosen

The sky takes on a flocculent, incandescent glow

As purgatory pours forth into the realm of the living…

It diverges across the land

Leaving only Decimation and Destruction in its wake…

Dawn breaks, a sense of serenity blankets the land

The crisp, warm air blows through the gentle, golden sunlight

The sun, blissful and brilliant in its own majesty

Shines bright down upon the beautiful countryside

Somewhere, off in another land

Laughing could be heard

Over the midst of Armageddon

Hallow’s Morn has begun

(c) 2014 Connor M.
Matoaca Middle School East
Chesterfield County VA
Grade 8

October 2014


With her puffy tutu of puppy nose pink
the graceful moves of silk

She dances
with her hair flowing in the wind
like it’s the brush strokes on the canvas

The dancer is an artist
lost in her imagination
when all is silent

She can paint and sing
bring the birds tweeting
with their wings in the sunset

I sit and wonder
why this dreamlike world ends
when the music dies

Why can’t the world
lift me into the sky
to soar with this dancer tonight

(c) 2014 Kaya C.
North Fork Community School
Crawford CO
Grade 5

September 2014

Innocent you say!
I think not!
You come in here and curse my home,
You fool!
You must have a DEATH WISH!

My father raised this town,
And you are dumb enough to curse it!
Must I remind you that you are small,
Yes, you must have a DEATH WISH.

© 2014 Skyanna B.
Columbiana Middle School
Columbiana, AL
Grade 8