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March 2015


Nothing but the sound
of the grass. Brushing
as I walk through it.

The sound of leaves
grabbing at the
road pushing against
the wind.

Nothing but peace,
calm and kindness.

© 2015 Elise T.
Spicewood Elementary School
Austin, TX
Grade 3

February 2015

This is what I’ve come to know.
as the city I’m from begins to snow,
I sit alone
and full of woe.

A slave to the bottle
I am no more.
even the plant I once longed for
has lost its allure.

Intoxicating myself with
substances never felt so wrong.
it’s not enough anymore …
I’ve grown too strong.

What I really crave
is a mystery to solve.
a magical mind
who’s been through it all.

How I would love
to take it apart.
and piece it together,
like a form of art.

But where are these souls?
that indeed should be lost.
are they out here,
or buried in the frost.

I long for something …
a little more intriguing.
and that is why,
I can’t cease to think about leaving.

© 2015 Catherine F.
University of Texas at San Antonio
San Antonio, TX

February 2015

Blessings of the Night came

Like the winds of a hurricane, the Blessings of the Night came
But what of the humorous games of the Day?
Will it rise back up from the Bay?
Is it all a vision?
I heard Grandfather is in the middle of a decision

Alas, the blessings of the night came
But only to uphold my fame
Far, far from the fame
To uphold my name
Is to feel the blossoms of Day,

But what of the night you say?
Bask in my words if you may
And my only answer I will say

The Blessings of the Night came

© 2015 Alex T.
Central Catholic High School
Modesto, CA
Grade 10

February 2015

The Wren Sings

Feathers as brown as cocoa
Voice as sweet as can be
The Wren flew through the woods outside
And sang her song to the trees

Though the sly fox is hunted by hunters
And he still runs through the storm
He chases fluffy jumpers
Then pricks his paw on a thorn

As he cries out for help the Wren flies by
Singing her beautiful song
She flies down to help him not being shy
And uses her claws as tongs

For the fox bows down to thank her
Hoping to return the favor
Though the Wren said no
Fluttered her wings to and fro
Then politely sang, “Good day sir!”

© 2015 Malia H.
Cleveland Middle School
Cleveland, TN
Grade 7

February 2015


Hooray! Hooray!
It’s time to play.
Mommy, call my friend.
My joy will never end.

We will never be done!
We’ll have SO much fun.
Better yet,
We’ll play on the swing set.

We’ll slide and play
All through the day-
What, Mommy? Sister Mel?
IT’S MONDAY!?! I don’t feel so well…

© 2015 Lily A.
Sandy Ridge Elementary
Durham, NC
Grade 3

February 2015

Beauty of the birds

Beautiful birds, soaring, and swirling through the sky,
oh what a wonderful sight!
The thin air breezing,
against their colorful feathers.
Oh the birds truly do have great beauty!
Eyes shimmering,
the beautiful birds pick up speed.
A trail of feathers,
fluttering down to the ground,
is all they leave behind.
Goodbye beautiful birds, goodbye.

© 2015 Isabella M.
The John Cooper School
The Woodlands, TX
Grade 2

January 2015

Winter Comes Knocking



© 2015 Tessa T.
Versailles High School
Versailles , OH
Grade 9

January 2015

Dedicated to the strong women in my life

Do not judge what you see on the surface
We are all here for a special purpose
Be who you are and don’t hold back
Even when you feel you’re under attack

Although everyone underestimates you, and tells you that you’re wrong
You have to keep going, to prove that you are strong
People can spit hate, animosity, and malice your way
Be an example for others, and overcome their cruel play

No matter how many negative comments are said about you
You know who you are so persevere through
You are worthy of the most precious things
So make your mark and spread your wings

© 2015 Samirah M.
St. Agatha School
Milton, MA
Grade 6

January 2015

The Grade

We got our test back today
I was hoping I would get an A
Mrs. Smit passed them back out
I felt that I didn’t need to doubt

I got mine second and got a C!
And I felt I needed to flee
Later that day I met up with Mrs. Smit
We had to go over it bit by bit

I went out of the classroom and saw my friends talking
When they said they got A’s I went walking
The next day I felt like a lion who was green
I guess I will never be a smart teen

Today we had to take another test
And I felt I would be a sour loser just like zest

We got our tests back at three o’ clock
When I got mine back students started to mock
I was surprised when I got an A
And I felt as smart as Albert Einstein today!

© 2015 Sophie C.
Batesville Intermediate School
Batesville, IN
Grade 4

December 2014

Rose petals falling, swiftly in the dark, I feel them against my cheek, leading me further into this part, but no matter where they lead me, no matter where they go, I will have faith and remember, I’ll never know what light is, till I experience the dark

(c) 2014 Sajoel H.
Greenville Senior High School
Greenville OH
Grade 9