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March 2017

Ugh! What to do!
The teachers yakking on and on
’bout the teachers sailing to somewhere called Oman?

Lunch and recess is years away
What’s the answer?
I don’t know what to say!

NOW the teacher’s talking about
Queen Elizabeth and her paper route.

I THINK I’m getting my history right.
But I’m NOT doing it with all my might.

Christopher Columbus was a famous pop singer
Sacajawea led George Washington across China
And the Wright Brothers invented electricity.

I think …

© 2017 Emma G.
Clear Lake City Elementary
Houston, TX
Grade 5

March 2017


Bunnies can be fluffy,
Bunnies can be soft,
Bunnies can be small,
Bunnies can be big,
Bunnies are the best,
I love bunnies!

Bunnies can be cute,
Bunnies can be tall,
Bunnies can be short,
I love bunnies!

© 2017 Dahlia R.
Clear Lake City Elementary
Clear Lake City, TX
Grade 2

February 2017

Memories Of His Mother

His memories of his real mother he could perhaps count on one hand.

One to when he was just a baby, holding her thumb as if he let go, the world would go crashing down.

The rest were to the countless times he found her on the floor like a dead body, but she was breathing slowly like a slow motion movie.

Until the last time, the last time is when the slow motion movie ended.

Now he sits looking back at memories that triggered him like drugs triggering his mother.

Now he sits in his new room.

Now he has a new family of a different life style.

© 2017 Julie M.
Camden Central High School
Camden, TN
Grade 11

February 2017

Lunar Peace

The sun was quickly disappearing
As the moon rises to take its place
As the new King in the sky

It white light finds its way down from the heavens
And lights up the field I was in
Basking it in a white hue

All the stars could be seen from the ground
Twinkling and blinking
Forming different shapes in the sky

The crickets started to make a low humming sound
While somewhere faraway
A coyote howls

I can’t help but think and take in
The beauty of everything around me
From the wise bright moon smiling down at me
To the breeze making the leaves fall to the ground

I felt like I finally belonged somewhere

© 2017 Thrisha M.
Center for Creative Arts
Chattanooga, TN
Grade 8

February 2017

I wrote a poem, I ate some foam, it was disgusting, and I did some busting.

I saw a cow, I did a great KA-POW! Outside was foggy, and I was
really soggy.

There was a sudden hurricane, I ate a candy cane, I looked at my friend’s face, and I climbed up a staircase.

I sat in a chair, my team is no fair, I climbed up a stair, and I grew some more hair.

I did something bad, I got to play on my ipad, my dad was mad, and my mom was sad.

© 2017 Wenhao L.
Hartshorn Elementary School
Short Hills, NJ
Grade 2

January 2017

Mom’s Heels

Momma’s heels were huge to me,

But they still held my little feet.

They reminded me how big she was

And how I loved her just because.

I wanted to show her much I cared,

But she was all the way downstairs.

Slowly I walked down the hall,

Trying carefully not to fall.

As I got to the stairs I started to fumble,

Trying my best not to tumble.

I fell.

I got up from my fall,

Acting like nothing happened at all.

As I got up I did a little twirl,

Still proud to be Momma’s little girl.

Even if you tried,

Nothing could make me cry,

It’s all because of Momma’s heels

That make falling no big deal.

© 2017 Savana T.
Chattanooga High School Center For Creative Arts
Chattanooga, TN
Grade 7

January 2017

The Fat Cat

There once was a cat who had a big fat hat.

The cat had a dad that was very sad just because he named his cat big fat Fatty.

So one day the cat was very mad and gobbled up his dad.

© 2017 Jake J.
Clairbourn School
San Gabriel, CA
Grade 4

December 2016

Bottom Power

Great affluence of mild coercion
Euphemism of great weakness
Supplying domination from frail to might
Shrewdly pulling the strings of opinion
To play tunes pleasing to her

Bottom power
Unfair not trailblazer, trailed by fairness
Speeding her path with ambition vast like titanic,
Building Everest high ambition
Make-marring her

With you ‘behind’
She’s moused the ‘CPU’ of the system,
Gently dragging the bossy processor to the recycle bin
Pinning with craft, her programs on the Taskbar of control

We’re made victims of eviction,
Taking us down,
Down the rocky terrain of misguided mayhem
Guarded by the power she possess,
BOTTOM POWER, the power line

© 2016 Jeremiah Chukwuemeka
University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Port Harcourt, Rivers State

November 2016

Loving You

Love has no exact definition as I know
Some say that was true,
I noticed that when I fell in love with you

I’m happy ‘coz you are happy
I’m scared when you are scared
I’m sad when you are sad
I’m angry at myself when you are mad at me

I feel lonely when you are not at my side
It’s okay ‘coz I know you are not happy by my side
I’m jealous when they are courting you
I can make all things possible because I love you

© 2016 Bryan E.
Pagadian Capitol College
Pagadian City, Philippines/Zamboanga del Sur

November 2016

… My Life

I felt so alone inside my head,
A constant wish that I was dead.
Empty and broken, I was alone,
The reasons behind this? Unknown.

Then I let you on my life, deep into my heart,
I believed that nothing would ever keep us apart.
My whole world had fallen into place,
When my darkest feelings you began to erase.

This perfect dream began to crack and shatter,
Now I am left with nothing except the tatters.
It turns out you were only breaking me more,
Now I am deceased, deep to the core.

My eyes are now empty – not an ounce of light,
I am once again lost in endless night.
When I close my eyes and begin to sleep,
Dark dreams and nightmares begin to creep.

I awake with screaming in my ears,
This is followed by my streaming tears.
In this raw moment, I ache for you,
This only rips my pain anew.

This crippling pain leads me to the knife,
My friend that will surely end my life.

© 2016 Nate D.
An Achievable Dream Middle/High School
Newport News, VA
Grade 9