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January 2011


I walk through the halls
My head bent down low
Looking at cracks
And walking so slow

Dreading the moment
That ring will go off
Sending me forward
And making me run

My friends are laughing
I quickly join in
Knowing what’s waiting
Quietly fearing

I walk through the door
And look at the board
My heart skips a beat
My breathing quickens

It says plain as day
In that bold red font
Today a pop quiz
I knew there would be

©2011 Caitlyn

Challenger Middle School

San Diego, CA

Grade Level: 7th

How To Kill A Pig

Sharpen your sticks, be ready to kill
Start lickin’ your lips, time to get your fill
Throw your spears with extreme force
Your are hungry show no remorse
Squeal goes the pig, dying a slow painful death
Music to your ears, tying it by it’s feet
Have no fears, it’s time to eat.

©2011 Johan

Central Catholic High School

Modesto, CA

Grade Level: 10th


Tree, tree waving in the breeze
saying look at me, look at me.
Look at me waving in the breeze.
I am the best of them all.
They are tiny and weak.
I am tall and very strong.
Their leaves dainty and brown.
mine are bright green and healthy.
I am a tree waving in the breeze.

©2011 Jamie

Lincoln Elementary

Huntington, IN

Grade Level: 5th


peace looks like a colorful rainbow covering the sky peace is babies sleeping in their cribs
peace can even be a piece of pizza being chewed
peace is always something somewhere

©2011 Sabina

Mariposa Elementary

Redlands, CA

Grade Level: 4th


everytime i see the dark
i go blind
i don’t know where i am going
bumping into things
falling and seeing things
i get scared
running into my parents’ bed
feeling safe
now i know my dad is there
hugging and laughing
until i fall asleep
right in his arms
sound asleep
feeling loved while i sleep
i don’t make a peep
until the morning
when i see his face

i love you dad
thanks for being there

© 2011 Katelynn

Middletown High School

City: Middletown, NY

Grade Level: 9th



the rain trickles from the rain gutters,
making a sound that utters.
light it is and light it shall be,
it even soaked the old maple tree.
light or dark the clouds do as they will,
little holes in the road the rain fills.
pitter patter is the noise it makes,
the rain coats the children will take.
rainy days aren’t always bad,
but they can make you feel sad.
next time it rains do consider,
and listen for the patter pitter.

© 2010 Nicky

Westfield Intermediate School

Westfield, In

Grade Level: 6th

The boy sat and waited
What was he to do with his life
He hears his parents
They are fighting
He is lonley
He is scared
What should he do
He waits and waits
Then he hears crying
His father breaks down the door
He enters with a gun
He is drunk
His mother comes into the room
She is crying
His father points the gun at him
His mother throws herself on top of him
To protect him,
He did not know
The last thing he heard was his mother crying

© 2010 Rylee

Grimmer M.S.

Schererville, IN

Grade Level: 7th


The unpainted walls that the brother destroyed,

The brother of the sister that was always annoyed.

The walls which had been littered with pen, pencil andsharpie.

The walls which I looked at never ceased to amaze me.

For when I looked at these walls,

I saw a masterpiece wanted by all.

© 2010 Alex

Valley Intermediate School

Pelham, AL

Grade Level: 4th


A lad miles away asks a crowd to look with him at a field that exists only in tale

He speaks of tresures, of winds fires and fields, and soon trades his soul for a sail

“A tone of two blooms keeps me a-dance on a beach, torn between land and sea

But where to go, and what to see, or perhaps all there is is to be.”

Upon pondering each choice, while resting with the tide
He loses his voice and goes pale

He writes apologetically, to all but the sea

And soon trades his soul for a sail

© 2010 Jackson

Comeaux High School

Lafayette, LA

Grade Level: 12th


As I stare out my window, I wonder what I really see,
Not the wild night life of Vegas,
or the loud busy life of New York, surely not the hot windy deserts of Nevada.
What time of day is it,
for I know not, nor do I care.
Time is but a thing
a thing that changes us.
Age, beauty, health all
Affected by one single thing.
No, tonight I think I’ll stare out my window,
gazing at nothingness.
As I stare out my window, I wonder what I really see.

©2010 Marlene

Lafayette High School

Lafayette, LA

Grade Level: 9th

New Girl-No Girl

Meet the new girl.

Where is she from?
What is she like?
When did she move?
Did she have friends?
What is her name?

I am the new girl.

No personality.
Just now.
No friends.

My name?
I don’t have one.

©2010 Kristen

Arcola Middle

Lansdale, PA

Grade Level: 8th

DASH! Around the corner
And into the dark alley
GASP! At the pitch black
Rats scuttle
Have to act fast
Have to run
Far, Far away
Big Thump, Thump
Just around the corner
Slink into the darkness
The cold dark
Waiting, Waiting
Never Seen!
Never heard
Dart back to the house
Don’t tell mom we went into the alley

©2010 Hannah

St. Edwards School

Vero Beach, FL

Grade Level: 7th

October 2010

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It is different to many people. Beauty is a mother giving birth, the stars at night, the clear blue sky, pearls that you hold in your hand. Everyone is beautiful inside and outside and everywhere in between. Beauty is all around us from the little things to the big things from the smallest of a wasp’s nest to the biggest building beauty is everywhere. Have you ever stopped to look at something whether big or small? Have you ever thought that, that one sight will soon fade? Have you ever thought how a blind person feels to enjoy the sights that we carelessly neglect to enjoy? Have you ever thought of beauty to be more than what is on the outside of a person?

©2010 Leticia

Charleston job corps

Charleston, WV

Grade Level: 12th

Writing is not easy
If you’re feeling sneezy.
It’s hard to think
When your face is pink.
Sometimes you feel snoozy
Like you’re in a Jacuzzi.
Sometimes it’s a pain
When you’re feeling insane.
Sometimes writing’s a pest
When you’re feeling a mess.
You just want to stop and you’d rather mop.
You’d rather have school for 100 days,
But your teacher says…

©2010 Dominic

Israel Loring Elementary School

Sudbury, MA

Grade Level: 4th

With a joyful melody I sang and sang with a symphony! They told me no but thats OK I did it anyway! I sang and sang and sang so sweet, then a bee stung my knee! I guess I didn’t sing so sweet after that bee stung my knee!
In between the yells and screams I herd a little tweet tweet tweet! A little blue jay landed on my feet and we both sang tweet tweet tweet!

©2010 Abigail

Coker Elementary

San Antonio, TX

Grade Level: 4th


it gives us families.
cracks in the world.
hands to hold.
without it;
I would have no family to love.
a lonely hand,
no crack to patch up.
was given to me from a mighty hand.
a firm hand to always hold.
a family when you need it.
I have a family.
I seal cracks in the world.
I HAVE a hand to hold.
Hands that catch me here on earth.
Then I have another waiting to see if I fall Running home.

©2010 Jordan



Grade Level: 7th

words can have many meanings.
some are good some are bad.
you may say they are only words.
but words can be very powerful.
they can make you feel powerless.
to me words are like bullets.
they come straight at you. . .
words are like rain drops.
there so many sometimes.
they build up and make a puddle.
you cant get rid of words no matter what you do they still come after you. fighting them is useless.
ignoring them makes it worse. . . .
words arent always bad though. somtimes the words you hear or see can make your stomach flip and feel your heart with warmth. somtimes the simplest of words can mean so to one person. . .
words can have many meanings. some are good some are bad sometimes the simplest of words can mean so much. sometimes the words you say can leave a hole in someones heart. . .

©2010 Scarberry

Meadowview middle school

Mt. Airy, NC

Grade Level: 8th


Roll of thunder, hear my cry
Roll of thunder, hear my cry
as the fire burns by n by
Roll of thunder, hear my prayer
let it flow in the wind and end all despair
Roll of thunder, hear my voice
destroy sadness let us rejoice
Roll of thunder, heed my pain
please don’t let me go insane
Roll of thunder, take away the madness
please oh please end the sadness
Roll of thunder, take the life
take away evil’s life
Roll of thunder, hear my song
take my song of rejoice and bring it along
Roll of thunder, hear my plea
show true rejoice for all to see
Roll of thunder, hear my cry
as the dying flames go bye bye

©2010 Nicholas
St. Augustine School
Bridgeport, CT
Grade Level: 6th

Open the door and look outside
Wind blowing round and round
Storms brewing from east to west
Timeless thunder fills the air
Hotness covers oxygen has is begins
Lighting strikes three at a time
Lowly animals run for cover
Trees break and bend
Worried looks of people everywhere
No power, no coldness, no gentleness
Rain pours from the heavens
Finally the storm calms
Creatures reappear from the shadows
Tragic settings and destruction
One family opens the window
The mom looks at her children
One child says,
“Look at the beautiful mess we made”.

©2010 Maggie
Grade Level: 7th

a sense of searching and a feeling of wonder, could this be the chance we all long for, a feeling we all long to have, that day when everything feels like a mystery and we all have to solve it, the feeling that makes us all great

©2010 Jessica
Iroquois High School
East Aurora, NY
Grade Level: 9th

Family can be a really big pain,
Family can be really insane!
Family can be really mean,
Family loves each other :-)

Families always stick together,
Families always beat each other.
Families are never ever gone,
Until they’re dead :-(

I love seeing families laughing,
I love seeing families dancing.
I know it doesn’t really rhyme,
But families should stick together all the time.

This poem was about my own,
This poem says i love them all!:-)

©2010 Mariah
Wewahitchka, FL
Grade Level: 5th

July 2010


Where do all the socks go?
Is there a sock drawer in the sky?
Do they all just float away
like woolen butterflies?
Or do they all just walk away?
If they get lost, do they cry?
Where do all the socks go?
Is there a sock drawer in the sky?

©2010 Hannah

Pleasant Hill Middle
Lexington, SC
Grade Level: 8th

June 2010


A creative way of passing time
writing a poem line by line
the words keep on flowing
and the pen keeps on going
at this time i am having fun
but i don’t realize the paper has won
its power is taking control
capturing my mind as a whole
before I realize I cannot be stopped
the link between think and do is chopped
now the words just keep flowing
and the pen keeps on going
without any hope, i am stuck
the power of the paper has run amuck
now its control seems immortal
but its ideas are absolutely horrible
by creating himself it made its demise
without a mind it has no prize
without a mind it has no thought
what happens to a hand with writers block?

©2010 Patrick

Midlothian Middle School
Midlothian, VA
Grade Level: 7th


Look at that Hamburger
High in the Sky,
I do not know
How it can fly.

Pickles are falling
Mustard is too
Look at that ketchup
Falling on YOU!

©2010 Logan

Fairview Elementary
Fairview, NC
Grade Level: 2nd

May 2010


As I was sitting outside
Watching the sun go down
I realize my life was passing by
So I started thinking:

If I don’t get my act together
There is no other reason
Why should I be here on Earth
Just wasting time.

I have things I need to be doing
With my life, I have goals to reach
I need to make something of myself
I just can’t be sitting here.

Wasting the time that I have on Earth
So I decided, that I was going to get
Off my butt and do something about it
Because I really can’t
waste any more time.

©2010 Melishia

Northeast High School
St.Petersburg, FL
Grade Level: 9th


The game had begun,
in the count of 3.
Rush of excitement,
flowing through my body.
I ran until I couldn’t,
a hand pushed me aside.
I fell,
deep into the grass.
A tear rolled down my face,
shimmering as it fell.

©2010 Kevin

New York City, NY
Grade Level: 5th


we dance a dance
that never ends -
hoping that the song will never end
but when it does
we keep on dancing-
we dance a dance with no words or movement-
but when we dance
we let our souls go free

©2010 Tyler

Traughber Middle
Oswego, IL
Grade Level: 8th


These old hands
were once those of a young boy
whose Papa took him for popsicles right after school.
These old hands
these wrinkled old hands,
chose orange every time.

These old hands
held the woman they’d loved
and took hers as a cheerful wife.
These old hands,
these very old hands,
slow danced on the big night.

These old hands
are fading quickly
with but my only son to say ‘Good-bye’ to.
These old lips,
are fed their last popsicle
and mutter their last prayers.

These old hands are lying motionless.

©2010 Sarah

Edgewood Middle School
Somerville, OH
Grade Level: 7th

April 2010


The Dawn,
Here with only the
Faintest lights of morning.
The Dusk,
Only to trade places,
with its cousins the stars.
Both to be back soon.

©2010 Doria

Stephen Decatur Middle School
Berlin, MD
Grade Level: 7th


Everyday, it’s the same thing,
Wake up, get ready, leave, come back.
I want something different to come about.
I want the world to turn upside down!!

Day in, day out,
The same things come about.
It’s time for change,
It’s time to live!
It’s time to let the world know what?s coming about.

I’m tired of this,
I’m tired of this same daily routine,
Boring me ’till my death.
It’s time to let the world know,
It’s time for change!

So if you agree,
Join hands with me.
We will change the world.
We will make it happen!!

©2010 Ashley

Duval Middle School
Griffithsville, WV
Grade Level: 6th


If I were in charge of the world,
I’d cancel brussel sprouts,
brushing my hair when it has tangles,
snow on soccer days,
and also indoor recess.

If I were in charge of the world,
there’d be gum drop houses,
more flowers and less weeds,
cherry rivers,
and blueberry mountains.

If I were in charge of the world,
you wouldn’t have to make your bed,
ride the bus everyday,
clean up your room,
or make the coral look really far below.

©2010 Elsie

Journeys School of Teton Science Schools
City: Jackson, WY
Grade Level: K


I sit in her lap, enveloped by her gingerbread scent.
She smiles and laughs in her cheery voice, she
brightens up my day.
Almost all of my childhood, it’s always been that way.
She’s never bent a broken spirit, never harmed a fly.
Her open and warm love is as big as the neverending
She’s as beautiful as a royal dame.
Her inner beauty puts even the purest angel to shame.
Now she’s gone and out of my reach, never to return.

It’s hard to think of her and all of our memories
without having my eyes burn.
The moment she closed her eyes my childhood was gone.
Now, my life is like a sad, miserable song.

I don’t laugh anymore.
I don’t run or play.
I don’t have anything to smile about because the Lord
took my mother away.

©2010 Hayley

Liberty High School
Liberty, SC
Grade Level: 10th


Summer oh Summer
The hot sun and the flowers
Makes me drift away

©2010 Gabrielle

Manor Oaks School
New Hyde Park, NY
Grade Level: 4th