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October 2011

The Path of Solitude

At first only but a trickle, a growing wish to surge forward,
Its beauty isolated, within a mythical pasture
Floating by rolling hills
Bubbling and twisting through the fingers of prosperity,
Paradise is purity, paradise is clean
But paradise is not forever.

And so the river continues on,
Through the valleys and around the mountains,
Rough terrain becomes tame under its power,
It turns and bends
Crookedly meandering back and forth.

In the country,
Flowing across a plain of scenery that seems all too similar
Passing by the same fields again
As the days repeat and blend together
Unsure, it wavers frantically throughout the winding land

It passes simple villages,
Still the bringer of new life,
The people treat it with safe passing
They praise the waters for its kindness
And in return,
The river brings blessings
Here it is called magical
An almighty power of life in their hands.

Approaching the towering city,
Meeting civilization for the first time
These waters lap up against the sides of great buildings,
Almost absorbing their wonders and technology in its awe,
Flowing between the skyscrapers
Its innocence is dirtied by the city’s use,
Pollutants, like a wave of evil, clash with this river
Intermingling to form one.
Only bringing corruption.

In the city,
Man sees this river
Sees what has happened to the one that was once so bold,
Its muddied banks now burdened with his soot
The knowledge of the people.
But it is only a river,
Only a drink, only a source of use
So he carries on; unaffected by its fall.

At the journeys end,
Its waters old and weary, search for a place to rest.
At last the ocean, spreading vast,
This river pours out into its welcoming hold
A greeting, a welcome home.
But the river is engulfed,
With no power left to fight on,
The ocean brings destined destruction.

And as one follows it out into the ocean,
Its traces disappear, like a tear wiped away.
Never to return, never to be found again,
A paradise attained only in death.
Awash in a sea of solitude.

(c) 2011 Maxwell
The O’Neal School
Southern Pines, NC
Grade: 11

October 2011


Born of simple means,
His immigrant parents just making ends meet,
Forced to leave school and work odd jobs,
From Illinois he moves on.

After serving in the Spanish American War,
Admitted to college, free of charge;
Finally able to start learning again,
His thirst for writing renewed.

Meeting his true love at a political gathering,
Lilian changed his life from the start.
Quiet and strong, an important influence,
Always united, ‘til death do they part.

Poems written soon become famous;
A powerful voice shining through his words.
Now becoming a Man of the People,
Keeping their spirit in his heart.

Settling down in North Carolina,
A place for his family to thrive and grow.
Surrounded by his prize-winning goats,
Appreciating nature, a true home.

(c) 2011 Margaux
The O’Neal School
Southern Pines, NC
Grade: 7

October 2011

In The Fall

In the fall you will see kites drifting through the air
like birds swaying back and forth
Children who are playing and jumping into
leaf piles like no tomorrow
In the fall

In the fall you will see bears and other creatures
getting ready to go into a sleep like a long night slumber
Animals who are picking up acorns and
burying them for the Winter
In the fall

In the fall you will see many figures scattered around
looking for sweets this way and that
Parents who are racing everywhere
while their kids ring doorbells on each house
In the fall

In the fall you will see turkeys, chicken, and ham all in a pot
smell the food being placed on the gigantic table
taste delicious mashed potatoes with gravy
hear family and friends asking for seconds
feel the warm fire wrapping you like a blanket
In the fall

(c) 2011 Nicola
Israel Loring Elementary School
Sudbury, MA
Grade: 4

October 2011


Winter wind is in the air
Ice forms on the frozen pond
While snow falls gently down without even making a sound

Winter frost is in the air
Making faces on the windowpane
While spring and summer wait
for the earth to turn around again

(c) 2011 Alyssa
Brush Creek Elementary
Marshall, NC
Grade: 2

September 2011

Teddy Bear blasted
off into space
to taste the cheesey moon .

But he forgot
to tie his shoe
and lost his fork and spoon.

(c) 2011 Ben

South Toe Elementary

Burnsville, NC

Grade: 1

September 2011

Grandma’s yard was neatly kept

Flowers decked the lawn

And nothing quite stood out so grand

As Grandma’s world at dawn.

Beautiful flowers on the porch

The chairs in their place

She’d sit there in the breeze

To feel it touch her face.

Grandma’s house was neatly kept

Keepsakes stood here and there

Braided rugs adorned the floors

And pictures hung with care.

Crocheted doilies brightened tabletops

Perfection beyond compare

Her gifted hands defined her home

And was evident everywhere.

Grandma’s heart was neatly kept

Never cruel, harsh or unkind

The love she had for her family

And her great God divine.

Now in heaven she sits contentedly

A breeze whispers across her face

She’s surrounded by heavenly flowers

And is crocheting angel lace.

(c) 2011 Hannah

Cedar Grove Middle School

Charleston, WV

Grade: 7

September 2011

The Watchmaker

There’s a man standing atop of my head
but I do not know his name-
Some say it is god
some say it is fate
yet his answer remains the same-

He stands there all day
working away
to the sound of his world aflame-
Still he chisels and pounds
to this sort of hound
and it’s time that he gives away-

There isn’t enough for a second chance-
He has too much work to do-
So he gives the time to chisel today
the outcome is up to you-

He works at a constant
without a stop-
There isn’t a second to lose-
He puzzles the watch
without a stop-
But who will get to choose?

Death is upon us at every beat
coming closer til’ we are no more-
But the watchmaker knows
when your beat won’t flow-
And you will tick through his core-

(c) 2011 Madison

George Washington High School

Charleston, WV

Grade: 12

APRIL 2011


Never say never don’t ever say never because if you ever say never you will never think ever again

©2011 Lauren

Lakeside Elementary School

Honesdale, PA

Grade Level: 5th


little black kitten eyes as sparkly as stars always cuddling with you
her name….. Midnight

©2011 Danielle

South Jefferson Elementary School

City: Charles Town, WV

Grade Level: 3rd

Stumbling Along

With forgotten flesh falling from slumped shoulders
The undead rule the day and the night
Never sleeping
Never stopping

Blank eyes
And drooling lips
They hunger for muscle and humanity
Hoping to satisfy
An undead lust for death

They come in all forms
Of your friends and your beloved
Small and large
They blunder in packs
Seemingly harmless
But their teeth will not break on your bones

You can run
You can fight
But you can’t escape
A hungry society of brainless people
Trying their best to tear you apart

©2011 Angel

E.Lawson Brown Middle School

Thomasville, NC

Grade Level: 6


In a new world.

Fighting, becoming, Experiencing.

Living for a whole different purpose.

Struggling to hang on.

Living in a whole new place.

Witnessing, flying, watching people dying.

Romance, protest, evil galore.

Happiness, sadness, madness even.

Every second ticks by.

Living anew.

Never wanting to leave this mad world.

Becoming forever someone else.

©2011 Raina

Crawford K-8 School

Crawford, CO

Grade Level: 8th


Why did it come to this?
Why is it that the only people at this funeral are the priest and myself?
Why am I the only one in tears?
Make no mistake, the grave is marked with a clear truth.
“Here lies someone you wouldn’t know.”

©2011 Jackson

Comeaux High

Lafayette, LA

Grade Level: 12th

The Puppet Master

She plays with your heart
She builds up your trust just to smash it with a lie
She pretends to be your friend to destroy you
She’s just there to toy with you
To stretch you and bend you and twist you
Your heartbreak is her entertainment
But we all have learned
A toy does not last forever
If you play with it too much it will break
It will be broken beyond repair
You may fix it, but it will never be the same
That is the mission of the Puppet Master
She plays with your heart


Rainier Middle School

Auburn, WA

Grade Level: 7th


I am he. I am he who
never left your side.
At age two I was the teddy bear
you slept with at night.
You would stroke my fur,
and you would hold me tight.
At eight I was your playmate.
We would knights and dragons
for hours on end.
At 12 you needed someone to
listen to you.
We sat together
every afternoon as you told me
about your day.
But not any more.
You have drawn a curtain over our
days of glee.
You have forgotten about you and me.
When you lost me you lost yourself.
You broke my heart.
Where is your teddy?
Have you forgotten him already?
Do you not remember the summer days we spent slaying dragons,
or the long conversations
we shared in solitude?
For now you say you’ve grown up.
That you don’t need me.
But I am he.
I am he who never left your side,
and I will follow you until
you grow young.

©2011 Grace

Pioneer School

Lebanon, OR

Grade Level: 8th

March 2011

What Am I Suppose To Be?
I flip through the pages
of magazines.
Looking at all the flawless
women and men.
Is that what I’m suppose to be?
Am I suppose to have a picture
perfect smile with sparkling
white teeth?
Am I suppose to be just like
that tall, skinny girl?
Am I suppose to dress like
People try to persuade me
into thinking that’s what
I need to be.
Am suppose to as fake a barbie?
Or just me?
What am I suppose to be?

©2011 Gracie

Bridge City Middle School

City: Bridge City, TX

Grade Level: 7th

Parthenon Palindrome
A temple for Athena, still strong and tall
Built in ancient times before I can recall
The Statue of Athena 40 feet tall
24 pillars surrounding her hall
Beautiful things carved into the wall
Horses, warriors, animals and all
Made of Ivory, gold and jewels
Made with ancient Greek tools
Being rebuilt for 30 years
When done it will bring many cheers
It used to have colorful paint
But now all of the colors are very faint
A temple for Athena, still strong and tall

Built in ancient times before I can recall

©2011 Erin

The John Cooper School

The Woodlands, TX

Grade Level: 5th

Thinking of You
On a cloudy night
When friends are few
I close my eyes
and think of you
A silent hope
A silent tear
A silent wish
That you were here

©2011 Nick

Henry B Whitehorne Middle School

Verona, NJ

Grade Level: 8th

The page turns against the day as understanding brims our eyes
And against the offset of the morning it almost seems a dilation of the storm brewing above, but I know better.
Your sharp breaths threaten the very air before you as you try so desperately to exhale your heart’s protests into the open window you’ve not left for some time now
You asked me, “How does one ground wayward thoughts?”
“Clip the wings.” I said with as steady a voice as my quivering body would allow.
“And when that fails?” she retorted,
“Burn them.”

©2011 Jackson

Comeaux High

Lafayette, LA

Grade Level: 12th

©2011 Kimberly

Chapter School

City: Long Island City, NY

Grade Level: 3rd

I hear waves going up
and down like a ball
splish, splash, splosh
like jumping in puddles
and the ocean
splish, splash, splosh
like jumping in puddles

When the wind blows
very hard like someone
pushing you woosh, woosh, woosh
the waves crash into each other
like a crash of cars
crash, crash, crash
when I hear the sea shells



Wind, stars, sound, nature.
Fire, earth, water, air, nature.
Sounds of rain and birds and the wind
are all parts of nature.
The wind singing a song.
Nature, nature, nature, nature.
Grass and trees are
the instruments in the song.
A song screaming to get out to the world.
A world willing to hear.

©2011 Jarret
North Hill E.S.
Burlington, IA
Grade Level: 4th

Skies in the Corner of My Eye
There are deep blue skies in the corner of my eye
Full of deep sweet bliss and rays of sun
I want to catch that sky in the corner of my eye
But by the time I turn, it will only turn to grey

There are starry night skies underneath my bed
A pit of bottomless shooting lights galore
I want to hold that burning fire in my hand
But it will just die out, and ashes float away

There is a field of flowers on my bathroom ceiling
Petals of He loves me and He loves me not
I want to float amongst them, blossoms in my hair
But I will only fall, and wither away

There is a gallant prince outside my kitchen window
So noble is he on his white steed below
I want to lean out and take his uplifted hand
But he will only turn and gallop away

©2011 Hannah
Camden, TN
Grade Level: 10th

Life Story Ages One to Ten

The first day you’re born,
You don’t know anything at all.
At the age of one,
You are cute and small.
When you are becoming two,
You learned to say goo-goo.
And a round age three,
You are still learning to talk.
About the time you’re four,
You should know how to walk.
By the time you’re five,
You have to go to school.
When you are six,
You learn the meaning of cool.
Oh-no! You are seven!
You are getting scold.
Now you’re eight.
Don’t want to do what you’re told.
It’s finally nine.
Start a relationship.
Time for ten,
Get a grip.
I have some tea.
Want a sip?
Alright, alright.
I couldn’t think of an end.
Don’t keep me up all night.

©2011 Kristen
Arcola M.S.
Lansdale, PA
Grade Level: 8th

The Move

I try my hardest to do whats right,
But in my world theres a war to fight,
Right or wrong, left or right,
Try your hardest, use all your might,
Friends can help, but what can you do,
When all your friends are torn from you,
new house, new places, no friends, new faces,
I do my best and told im behind,
I write my feelings rhyme after rhyme,
My poem wont end, my life moves on,
I need someone to walk with, a friend to lean on.

©2011 Isaac
Lafayette H.S.
Lafayette, LA
Grade Level: 11th

I Might’ve Said Yes

I might’ve said yes
But right now it’s a no
Inside I’m thinking maybe
That’s the way it goes
I don’t care what you think
about me
I don’t care if it’s not kind
I’ve made up my mind.
I might’ve said yes

©2011 Hayli
Clinton County Middle
Albany, KY
Grade Level: 7th


The bell rings I dash
The teacher says goodbye
The same thing everyday
The world needs a change
The teachers get taught by me
The school only serves ice cream
The people say hello to me
The world needs change
The night is only 2 hours long
The school hours are 2 hours
The friends of mine sleep over
The parents always say yes to me
The world needs change
The same thing through everyday
The bell rings I dash for the door
The teacher says have a good weekend
The change has begun!

©2011 Baylee
Elberta Middle School
Lillian, AL
Grade Level: 7th

Shattered, webbed mirror
Flawed window into the past
Filled with broken dreams

©2011 Rose
Hudson High School
Hudson, FL
Grade Level: 9th