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January 2012


I look outside,
and see nothing but a cloud,
and a blanket out on the street,
white and untouched.
Looking inside I see the same blanket,
but not like the one outside,
for this one is warm, and has been worn, and torn.
As for the one outside is the same.
I go outside, and as far as I can see,
the same outside blanket is still there, like me.
I touch the outside blanket, but when I pick it up, only a part of it all is in my hand.
Then it melts, as if it was never there to begin with.
I wonder what this substance is, and I go to my mother taking my discovery with me.
But when I get throught the door,
it melts just like before.
I just stand there and ask myself,
is this real, or just in my head?
I go back out and see its still there.
The blanket is untouched, and the spot where my hand was placed, the blanket has topped on top of it once more.
I go inside where it is warm and comfortable,
and watch outside as it keeps falling.
Just watching,


Falling, twirling, dancing, laughing, enjoying this wonderfull miracle.

(c) 2012 Brianna J.
Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Valparaiso, IN
Grade 7

January 2012

Captain Hook must remember
Not to scratch his toes.
Captain Hook must watch out
And never pick his nose.
Captain Hook must be gentle
When he shakes your hand.
Captain Hook must be careful
Openin’ sardine cans
And playing tag and pouring tea
And turnin’ pages of his book.
Lots of folks I’m glad I ain’t–
But mostly Captain Hook!

-Shel Silverstein, Where The Sidewalk Ends

January 2012

You do lots of fun rhymes.
At many fun times.
If it’s so very fun,
do it in the sun.
You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.
It’s is just lots of fun to do.
It’s fun to do poetry.

(c) 2012 Erin R.
Brookwood Elementary
Houston, TX
Grade 1

December 2011

I give up on life
and I will never say…
hope will find me
I know that
the world will be free of love
and never will
destruction stop
I believe I can make
war happen
never will
I say
peace for all


peace for all
I say
never will
war happen
I believe I can make
destruction stop
and never will
the world be free of love
I know that
hope will find me
and I will never say…
I give up on life.

(c) 2011 Tracy
Bain Elementary
Charlotte, NC
Grade 5

December 2011

Dear Santa,

I was truly good this year,
yet you think I am a villian.
But I think you have been watching
My naughty twin…Dylan!Yes,Dylan.

Remember when he shoved
our cousinin in that bin?
He was stuck in there for hours.
Yes, that was my twin.

Remember the day
that he layed a pin,
on the teachers chair?
Yes, that was my twin.

Remember when he gave
that wide, wide grin
after he colored the walls?
Yes, that was my twin.

Remember when he cheated
and said that he did win?
He was never caught.
Yes, that was my twin.

I never realized how
naughty I…I mean, he, has been.
So you better watch out
for my devious twin.

(c) 2011 Mia
Westfield Intermediate School
Westfield, IN
Grade 6

December 2011

Beyond the Desperate Cries
(A tribute to those who suffered because of the earthquake in Japan)

had hearts that were once set aglow
by the dancing flames
of winter’s eternal fire.
now they have finally been burned.
with scarred wings,
they fly in shame.

was the melodic music
the Gods once chanted.
a lullaby to the Earth.
but now the black of the unforgiving night
has spread to all the realms of what we know,
tainting the purity of the flakes.

but there is still a single rose-petal
in the ruins of destruction.

if you cradle it in your hands
you’ll feel its vibrations.
it breathes blood
that flows through the veins of the world.

and have you ever tried to hear
what was beyond
the echoes of the desperate cries?

thousands of cranes
silently tread the fields of disaster.

ready to catch broken dreams
with their beaks
and mend them.

(c) 2011 Talia
International School of Beijing
Beijing, China
Grade 9

December 2011

Why Don’t You Speak Your Mother Tongue?

We were both leaves from the same sycamore tree
The willows were the freshest shade of green
We’d watch the sun peek through the curtains of dawn
Do you remember all the golden mountaintops we’ve seen?

I memorized the latitude and the longitude of that light
It always guided me back home before
You were my north star; but now you’re headed south
I don’t have any sense of direction anymore.

We were artists, together we painted the skies
Your strokes were bold, you had no fear
Now the colors are gone; the heavens grew dull
I’m too scared to try because you’re not here.

You once spoke like me, now you speak
The language of the sea, but it’s not your mother tongue
Do you remember when our flames lit up the world?
Do you remember the fire songs that we sung?

(c) 2011 Talia
International School of Beijing
Beijing, China
Grade 9

November 2011

My Darling’s Fallen Rose

The Northern Wind comes riding down as a breeze,
O’er the hills and the stormy seas.
Past feathery clouds and mountain tops it blows,
To the field of the fallen rose.

Here you see endless miles of blue summer sky,
Here the grass sways like a lullaby.
It is here where my love and I came to be,
Right under the big, old willow tree.

We would sit here and talk for hours on end,
And go exploring around the bend.
But here was the only place we could have fun,
For at home our love was being shunned.

So at twilight it was here we came to meet,
Creeping slowly and being discreet.
To our willow tree to be together,
We wished that it would last forever.

One day I waited for my love with a rose,
But my precious darling never showed.
So there I sat, determined, all the night long,
Until I awoke to the new dawn.

Weary-eyed and worn I started heading home,
And with the rose I felt quite alone.
At long last when it was my house that I reached,
My mother came out to me and screeched.

My dove’s father stabbed her in the dead of night,
But refused to have her in his sight.
She ran to my house in her time of despair,
Only to find that I was not there.

But mother took her in and tended to her,
While her blood continued to spur.
Now I was home so mother came out and said,
How my love laid upstairs, ill in bed.

I ran to where my darling lay ill and weak,
At my sight a tear ran down her cheek.
I told her I loved her and kissed her with care,
‘Til her eyes grew to a lifeless stare.

I gently pulled the covers over her face,
And with the rose I did race.
To our place under the old willow tree,
Here where my love and I used to be.

I tenderly placed the rose upon the ground,
Where it lay peacefully, safe and sound.
It lay there through autumns and winter’s cold frost,
And through it all, no petals were lost.

So when the Northern Wind rides down as a breeze,
Through the leaves of the old willow tree.
Down upon the ground where it tenderly blows,
Is where my lies my darling’s fallen rose.

(c) 2011 Kira
West Point Middle School
West Point, NY
Grade 8

November 2011


Shyvana’s reign
begins on the summers blaze

She sets aflame
all over the terrain

But the fire dulls
as autumn falls

As winter comes
away goes the sun

Fire becomes ice
a blistering freeze that tears the limb

The blinding light shinning upon the snow in which the Noxians fear to go

Enemies of Demacia will perish
for they can lose all they cherish

Beware the time Beware the place
if you are an enemy, there will be no grace
in the League of Legends

(c) 2011 Lee
Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Valparaiso, IN
Grade 7

November 2011

With shivers and rustles
wind ruffled leaves scuttle down the gutters
wander down the sidewalk
tumble on brown lawns
bunch under trees
grieving for summer
with gasps and sighs
with crackling they say their goodbyes

(c) 2011 Sariah
Castleton Elementary School
Castleton-on-Hudson, NY
Grade 4