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August 2012

Rosemary (my little sister)

A flower she is; in grace and composure.
She walks on her toes, her head up high.
Of beauty, she is a divine composer.
Just gaze into those bright hazel eyes.

Resplendent, she is deeply bewitching.
But more is hidden, behind her bright beam.
Her disposition’s gleeful, fair, uplifting!
Aglow like her eyes, it shines with a gleam.

The flowers gaze intently, as she promenades.
Eschewing their stares, she stays unspoken.
She’s delicate, yet stronger than a colonnade.
Like a wild horse, she cannot be broken.

© 2012 Evangeline E.
Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School
Falls Church, VA
Grade 7

July 2012

We Mutts Be Together

How could I approach her, my most noble queen-
With a coat golden red and eyes maple green?
An exhale of her breath was a song to my ears,
To whom she wagged her tail -surely- was a heart full of cheer.

But my paws dry and cracked, my fur not well groomed,
She’d want nothing to do with a mutt I assumed.
I had only a stubble – a sad excuse for a tail;
I knew my next move was likely to fail.

But with a hint of hope and sudden surge of strength,
I trotted over to the one whom I adored.
Her eyes opened wide as I traveled this length,
And then came the moment I had been waiting for.

Her inner beauty shone out from her bright perky grin-
Two happy mutts we were and will be to the end.

© 2012 Michael B.
Fairmont Senior High School
Fairmont, WV
Grade 12

July 2012

You and I

I see no sun, but it will rise
If you reach high you’ll touch the skies
It’s quite nice, each bird does fly
And so can we, you and I.

Hope is hiding, but not lost
Like a flower under winter frost
Remember that love has no cost
And neither do we, you and I.

Truth is very hard to see
Like a hiding, buzzing bee
When you find it you will see
And we will find it, you and I.

Life is like a puzzled mind.
Some things are very hard to find.
It may take time to find what’s right
For sometimes it hides out of sight

But through the troubles, lies, and deceit
Life is a game that we can beat
It may seem like it’s hard to try
But we can beat it, you and I.

© 2012 Evangeline E.
Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School
Falls Church, VA
Grade 7

July 2012

A heart as bright as fire
Can set torches ablaze
And bring light to the haze

A heart as pure as light
Can find the right path and the right battle
Even if it’s hiding in the shadows

A heart full of darkness
Will perish in the light
And will lose the ultimate fight

A heart with the calling of evil
Will starve to death
But will change its mind, with its last breath

But these would be no match for the strongest heart of all
One full of so much passion that one person can not wield it alone
And it must be shared
For it is the heart full of love.

© 2012 Aaron H.
Crocker Elemeatary
Ankeny, IA
Grade 5

June 2012

The Hamburger

There once was a hamburger
As carefree as could be
He sat on the shelf
in the refrigerator, see.

But one day, he realized
He was taken off his spot
Being shaped and patted
And put on something hot.

It felt like the hottest flames
His insides were being cooked
But finally the fire ceased
And he sat up a bit and looked.

For the first time,
he finally saw outside.
He glanced around in marvel
It looked mighty fine.

Once again he was picked up
But this time onto a plate
And he thought and thought and thought and thought about his fate.

Was it to go to prom?
Where the Hamburgers dress in style?
Was it to be eaten?
That didn’t seem worthwhile.

Then he felt grains of salt
Puncture his delicate skin
Pepper got in his mouth
he sneezed and sneezed again.

He saw a gaping cave
It was humming a little song
Then GULP!!!
The hamburger was gone.

© 2012 Amber S.
Meadowlark Middle School
Clemmons, NC
Grade 6

June 2012


When I’m on the playground
It is always full of fun.
And when I’m on the playground
I’m always in the sun.

When I’m on the playground
I’m always very glad.
Because when you are on the playground
You’re never ever sad!

© 2012 Logan H.
Lewisville Elememtary School
Lewisville, NC
Grade 3

June 2012


The plants and trees start swinging.

Animals are hiding. Dark gray clouds

are blowing across the sky. I see

yellow lightning flashing up high.

Boom! Boom! Rumble! Rumble! I hear

the thunder and start to tumble under

Mom’s bed. But then I see the closet

and run there instead! Waiting for

the storm to walk by.

© 2012 Heidi S.
Mooers Elementary
Mooers, NY
Grade 1

May 2012

My Hawaii Vacation in Five Haiku

On an airplane
Across the Pacific Ocean,
To an island.

Beautiful beaches,
With sand as white as can be
And azure water.

Greeted with leis,
Sweet Hawaiian pineapple
And tropical drinks.

Swimming with fish
In the warm ocean water,
Along with sea turtles.

Touching waterfalls
In the rainforest,
Truly breathtaking.

(c) 2012 Nisha M.
Auburn Riverside High School
Auburn, WA
Grade 9

May 2012


The little inchworm
Crawls and crawls and crawls away
From fears left behind

(c) 2012 Willow L.
Westfield Washingtons Schools
Westfield, IN
Grade 4

May 2012

A woman fell in a lake
A terrible fall she did take
She pulled herself out
And said with a pout
I have to stay more awake

(c) 2012 Alexander P.
Alexandria Monroe Elementary
Alexandria, IN
Grade 2