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December 2012


Sometimes, I look to the sky
And see from my eyes
An eagle gracefully circling through the air.

I want to soar through the white clouds,
Fly extremely high,
Almost enough to touch the sky.

I would dart through the blasting wind,
To the ground I would no longer be pinned.
My arms would stretch out as my face rips through the air.

I would raise my hands in victory,
For this could be in history.

But I am still stuck to this grassy ground,
The best I could do is jump around.
Then I heave a great sigh,
Almost ready to say goodbye

To the sky.

(c) 2012 Joseph L.
Demarest, NJ
Grade 7

November 2012


Is morphed within a nation divided
by admission and race. Poverty, wealth.
Willows will not wither farther than they
Who forgot within.

To lose consciousness
is the dreaded diction, obliterate.
Minute shards collect with each genuflect
to the old. East or west forgotten,
shamed by the extreme.

Somnolent people
drone throughout life. Absent to the revels
and gaiety of cultures that have spawned
these putrid universalists, and yet
so often do they

emerge within time
to praise and rejoice with a shared ideal.
Hallelujah my sister, hallelu!
Connotations reversed, oppositions
Not allowed to say.

can be found within a planet that re-
mains unexplored. Monotony maintains
illusions, elusive for barren eyes.
A humdrum life is

not a culture.

© 2012 Samuel Z.
Saint Johnsbury Academy
Saint Johnsbury, VT
Grade 12

November 2012

An apple finally falls off a tree
wild horses running free
the cows graze gracefully
and the wind whispers quietly
chickens roosting nearby
i look up at the sky
the smiling sun catches my eye
it looks like summer is already here
kids get let out of school
hopscotch at the playground
fishing by the creek
and when i got nothing else to do
i lay down on the soft emerald grass
look up at the sky
and watch the clouds with my close friends
and have a friendly conversation
of our plans for this summer
hoping it would be a summer never to forget.

© 2012 Hannah N.
Arcola Intermediate School
Audubon, PA
Grade 7

November 2012

Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving
oh you are so great.
You give us a dinner on a shiny, clean plate.
Pies, corn, and chocolate
but best is the family.
We all feel grateful for filling our bellies.
Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving
you are truly great.

© 2012 Arjun S.
St. Anne Catholic School
Beaumont, TX
Grade 5

November 2012

once i had a peep in my pocket

it chirped loud and clear

it was as big as a elephant my dear

it chirped as loud as a hurricane

it plumped me down

ran off

and wiggled a jig

© 2012 Brooklyn M.
Delaware Trail Elementary
Brownsburg, IN
Grade 2

October 2012

Schizophrenia Awareness

I’m concentrating
Less and less.
I’d focus but,
I’m a mess.

Try to understand
My head is not my own.
No one’s ever there
Yet I’m never alone.

Is that you, messing with my mind?
I really can’t tell.
Why don’t you just leave me be?
I’m not feeling well

I’m trying to talk to you,
Why don’t you understand?
Sometimes I feel like I don’t
Belong in this strange land…

“No, I don’t remember!
There’s too much on my mind.”
The voices, the emotions, the movement
My sanity’s on the line.

© 2012 Dawn L.
Westfield Middle School
Westfield, IN
Grade 7

September 2012


I’m too far from what I’d guess you’d call home
Home, that is, in the sense where you feel safe
For far too long I’ve felt that I didn’t matter
I hid behind my tears in hope to be found
No longer lost in the far too loud silence

But now I’m here, speaking out freely
I finally found the words that make me exist
The words that might not matter to anyone
But the words that make me feel found
I was misunderstood and barely known
And most of the universe didn’t bother knowing my name

I never thought I’d ever be really found
Too shrouded in the fear of not being heard
I was unspoken and truly unknown
to be found is to be worth something more
A prized possession in worth nothing without faith
Therefore, there’s too much hidden inside of me

The thought of someone even bothering to look my way
Would make me feel a shred of happiness I need
But now I’m here, speaking out freely
I finally found the words that make me exist
The words that might not matter to anyone
But the words that make me feel found

© 2012 Jessica R.
Burns Middle School
Owensboro, KY
Grade 7

September 2012

When everyone else
stands in the moonlight,
I stand where
I think is right.

And as I walk in the woods
I hear the hyenas laugh at me,
I think to myself
I can be who I want to be.

© 2012 Adam M.
Bethel Elementary
Waynesville, NC
Grade 5

September 2012


Behind the trees and in the meadows
lay bears and raccoons and fawns
waiting to be discovered.
Remember, behind the trees and in the meadows you find wonderful animals.
So, next time you see some trees and a meadow in the distance go there:
you’ll find all types of animals.

© 2012 Frankie B.
Isaac Dickson Elementary
Asheville, NC
Grade 3

August 2012


You’re always here for me.
You have no idea.
No idea how much that means.
Hold me when I’m crying.
Wipe away my tears.
Watch me as I sleep.
You’re doing all this to keep me alive.
Without kissing me goodbye.
You’re the sunlight that brightens my day.
The gravity to keep me from falling.
And you catch me when I do.
Because you care.
And you’re here.
Here for me.
And you’re here to stay.

© 2012 Aimee M.
Lafayette High School
Lafayette, LA
Grade 11