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March 2013

The Little Ballet Dancers

Bushy-tailed climbers,
hopping lightly on the tree branches,
wearing a fur coat,

Scurrying up a bush,
twirling tango fashion,
in a shiny tuxedo,

Loop-the-loops in the air,
keen eye, looking down,
with their own feathered skirt,

Flipping, gliding,
floating silently,
a beautiful scaly dress,

© 2013 Camille S.
Stoney Point Elementary School
Fayetteville, NC
Grade 4

February 2013


Although the bitter winter freezes cold
Those wondrous lux’ries of the springtime past
Close to our hearts, a warmth -lovely- we hold
With hope, the frost won’t too much longer last.

Years, it seems, have passed since the sun last rose
And ever since, we’ve become youth of frost
But, I suppose, that is how it all goes
Confused, lacking hope, and so tempest tossed.

Dreaming- which is all that we now can do
Of days in that star’s arms, warm and complete
When shivers, by warm hugs, are easily soothed
For the sun’s love, there’s no need to compete.

But of all these things, I simply want more
Warmth- because here it is not in our store.

© 2013 Junysia J.
South View High School
Hope Mills, NC
Grade 11

February 2013

Valentine Bells
By Suzzie K

Hear the rhythmic golden bell,
Singing in the peaceful air of night,
Chiming under sparkling brilliant stars,
And dancing under sun light.

Hear the notes swirling in the air,
Twanging with a sweet delight,
Singing tunes higher than the birds,
And ringing love with all its might.

Hear the melody it plays for all,
Like a rose and a dove,
Singing mellow and calm,
As sweet as love.

© 2013 Suzzie K.
The Carey School
San Mateo, CA
Grade 5

February 2013

‘Twas The Night Before Valentine’s Day

‘Twas the night before Valentine’s Day, and all through the house
The children were working, even the mouse

They went no place
And made valentines with paper, glitter and lace.

They made ones with faces and hearts
Sugar and spice and sugar sprinkled candy darts

There were bags with candy and treats
Lollipops, gumdrops, stamps, and tweets.

It was Valentine’s Day, and kids went to school
Kids were hungry and happy and started to drool

They played funny games, and won cool toys
And girls ran away from kissy face boys

There were heart shaped ice cubes in fruit punch
And they had snacks to munch and munch

They started to dine
And had a good time

The art teacher, Miss Riley, painted kids’ faces
With hearts and nice faces

There were valentines with red, pink, and white
All the colors were very bright

Then someone knocked on the door with a big sound
There were flowers, but everyone knew it was Mr. McHound

Then the principal came in with a small box
There was a hamster as small as a baby fox

Surprise! Happy Valentine’s Day!

© 2013 Jenna L.
San Gabriel Elementary
Atascadero, CA
Grade 2

January 2013


Poetry brings magic into my ears.
Poetry has feeling,
that’s what I say.
Happiness, sadness or even craziness,
they all have feelings,
that’s what I need.
I love poetry.
So will you.

© 2013 Claire L.
Clyde Hill Elementary School
Bellevue, WA
Grade 2

January 2013

My diary keeps my secrets safe,
when I’m sound asleep, and wide awake,
and my feeling for it, has no hate,
that’s my diary (my secret safe!)

© 2013 Jordi F.
Tularcitos Elementary School
Carmel Valley, CA
Grade 5

January 2013

Once Upon a Thyme

Once upon a thyme
there was a fine beet
happy to grow
as it was

But alas, the poor beet,
was only a beet, and so
not being able to get around,
did not hear of Mrs. Williams’s
or of the new swing put in the park,
(it doesn’t squeak-said the children-hooray!)
or of the birds’ new song of spring

And as I sit and daydream,
about that lonely little beet-
class, turn to page 56 please.
And how it cannot see summer meld into fall, golden and melodious-
Michelle, are you paying attention?
Well, I am, but it is very easy to wonder
if you took the time to notice the beet,
in the little things that make life in itself-
Now take out your checking pens and pass you paper to the left.
Oh, to think about a lonely beet

once upon a thyme

© 2013 Evita Q.
Sartartia Middle School
Sugar Land, TX
Grade 6

January 2013

Ballad of Death

Silver flashes in the dark
Tears of the Moon
So serene, so pure, falling in an arc
Gently, I swoon

To me comfort you bring
A shield from the pain
Together we will sing
We will rid us of this bane

A poison lurking in my blood
I hope you do not worry
For soon the Gates will flood
This won’t be the end of my story

But for now, all hope is gone
I am a soul that is lost
My Angel, you watch me in the dawn
And I, I tiptoe through the frost

My wrists are slit
But it isn’t blood
What is it?
The streets begin to flood

My Angel, please do not cry
Do not think that I will die
For I will live on in your heart
And there I will stay forevermore

© 2013 Gabriel H.
Mayde Creek High School
Houston, TX
Grade 9

December 2012

BIg teeth, tiny arms.
I like to om nom nom.
I am dangerous to humans.
Rawr. Rawr.

(c) 2012 Solomon B.
Alexandria Monroe Elementary School
Alexandria, IN
Grade 1

December 2012

The Night they Wached it Soar!!

Fred and Ted were out one night
when they saw a scary light
it was a shooting star
Fred and Ted thought it was bizzare
they had never seen it before
until that night they watched it soar!

(c) 2012 Jodey M.
Greensburg Elementary School
Greensburg, In
Grade 5