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January 2012

Ghosts of smiles
On icy windows
Tiny clouds, huffs of air
Warm, stifled
Drip rainwater
On broken sidewalks
Tears of victims
Of loving
Too much.
Wrought iron fences
Capped with snow
Melts, and peels back
The coating.
We were bronze
All along
Hibernating under
Desperation-built igloos
Sleeping, with phantoms of sun
As our solitary blanket
We dreamed
Of frost-bitten lakes
Of the first crack in the ice
Drifting floes
Painted sunsets
Dripping sunrises
And awaken to
Frost bitten fingertips
Solaceless shadows
The lovers’ kiss
Of winter breath
Draws forth our own destinations
Amongst the solitary anger
The frozen screams
Of we who love
Too much.

(c) 2012 Hannah S.
George Washington High School
Charleston, WV
Grade 12

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