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January 2012


I look outside,
and see nothing but a cloud,
and a blanket out on the street,
white and untouched.
Looking inside I see the same blanket,
but not like the one outside,
for this one is warm, and has been worn, and torn.
As for the one outside is the same.
I go outside, and as far as I can see,
the same outside blanket is still there, like me.
I touch the outside blanket, but when I pick it up, only a part of it all is in my hand.
Then it melts, as if it was never there to begin with.
I wonder what this substance is, and I go to my mother taking my discovery with me.
But when I get throught the door,
it melts just like before.
I just stand there and ask myself,
is this real, or just in my head?
I go back out and see its still there.
The blanket is untouched, and the spot where my hand was placed, the blanket has topped on top of it once more.
I go inside where it is warm and comfortable,
and watch outside as it keeps falling.
Just watching,


Falling, twirling, dancing, laughing, enjoying this wonderfull miracle.

(c) 2012 Brianna J.
Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Valparaiso, IN
Grade 7

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