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December 2011

Beyond the Desperate Cries
(A tribute to those who suffered because of the earthquake in Japan)

had hearts that were once set aglow
by the dancing flames
of winter’s eternal fire.
now they have finally been burned.
with scarred wings,
they fly in shame.

was the melodic music
the Gods once chanted.
a lullaby to the Earth.
but now the black of the unforgiving night
has spread to all the realms of what we know,
tainting the purity of the flakes.

but there is still a single rose-petal
in the ruins of destruction.

if you cradle it in your hands
you’ll feel its vibrations.
it breathes blood
that flows through the veins of the world.

and have you ever tried to hear
what was beyond
the echoes of the desperate cries?

thousands of cranes
silently tread the fields of disaster.

ready to catch broken dreams
with their beaks
and mend them.

(c) 2011 Talia
International School of Beijing
Beijing, China
Grade 9

1 comment to December 2011

  • Crystal

    That was the most beautiful poem i have ever read! You’re such a good poet! You know, I’m from china too. Even though i am only 10 years old.

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