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December 2011

Why Don’t You Speak Your Mother Tongue?

We were both leaves from the same sycamore tree
The willows were the freshest shade of green
We’d watch the sun peek through the curtains of dawn
Do you remember all the golden mountaintops we’ve seen?

I memorized the latitude and the longitude of that light
It always guided me back home before
You were my north star; but now you’re headed south
I don’t have any sense of direction anymore.

We were artists, together we painted the skies
Your strokes were bold, you had no fear
Now the colors are gone; the heavens grew dull
I’m too scared to try because you’re not here.

You once spoke like me, now you speak
The language of the sea, but it’s not your mother tongue
Do you remember when our flames lit up the world?
Do you remember the fire songs that we sung?

(c) 2011 Talia
International School of Beijing
Beijing, China
Grade 9

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