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October 2011


Born of simple means,
His immigrant parents just making ends meet,
Forced to leave school and work odd jobs,
From Illinois he moves on.

After serving in the Spanish American War,
Admitted to college, free of charge;
Finally able to start learning again,
His thirst for writing renewed.

Meeting his true love at a political gathering,
Lilian changed his life from the start.
Quiet and strong, an important influence,
Always united, ‘til death do they part.

Poems written soon become famous;
A powerful voice shining through his words.
Now becoming a Man of the People,
Keeping their spirit in his heart.

Settling down in North Carolina,
A place for his family to thrive and grow.
Surrounded by his prize-winning goats,
Appreciating nature, a true home.

(c) 2011 Margaux
The O’Neal School
Southern Pines, NC
Grade: 7

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