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October 2011

In The Fall

In the fall you will see kites drifting through the air
like birds swaying back and forth
Children who are playing and jumping into
leaf piles like no tomorrow
In the fall

In the fall you will see bears and other creatures
getting ready to go into a sleep like a long night slumber
Animals who are picking up acorns and
burying them for the Winter
In the fall

In the fall you will see many figures scattered around
looking for sweets this way and that
Parents who are racing everywhere
while their kids ring doorbells on each house
In the fall

In the fall you will see turkeys, chicken, and ham all in a pot
smell the food being placed on the gigantic table
taste delicious mashed potatoes with gravy
hear family and friends asking for seconds
feel the warm fire wrapping you like a blanket
In the fall

(c) 2011 Nicola
Israel Loring Elementary School
Sudbury, MA
Grade: 4

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