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September 2011

Grandma’s yard was neatly kept

Flowers decked the lawn

And nothing quite stood out so grand

As Grandma’s world at dawn.

Beautiful flowers on the porch

The chairs in their place

She’d sit there in the breeze

To feel it touch her face.

Grandma’s house was neatly kept

Keepsakes stood here and there

Braided rugs adorned the floors

And pictures hung with care.

Crocheted doilies brightened tabletops

Perfection beyond compare

Her gifted hands defined her home

And was evident everywhere.

Grandma’s heart was neatly kept

Never cruel, harsh or unkind

The love she had for her family

And her great God divine.

Now in heaven she sits contentedly

A breeze whispers across her face

She’s surrounded by heavenly flowers

And is crocheting angel lace.

(c) 2011 Hannah

Cedar Grove Middle School

Charleston, WV

Grade: 7

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