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September 2011

The Watchmaker

There’s a man standing atop of my head
but I do not know his name-
Some say it is god
some say it is fate
yet his answer remains the same-

He stands there all day
working away
to the sound of his world aflame-
Still he chisels and pounds
to this sort of hound
and it’s time that he gives away-

There isn’t enough for a second chance-
He has too much work to do-
So he gives the time to chisel today
the outcome is up to you-

He works at a constant
without a stop-
There isn’t a second to lose-
He puzzles the watch
without a stop-
But who will get to choose?

Death is upon us at every beat
coming closer til’ we are no more-
But the watchmaker knows
when your beat won’t flow-
And you will tick through his core-

(c) 2011 Madison

George Washington High School

Charleston, WV

Grade: 12

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