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APRIL 2011


Never say never don’t ever say never because if you ever say never you will never think ever again

©2011 Lauren

Lakeside Elementary School

Honesdale, PA

Grade Level: 5th


little black kitten eyes as sparkly as stars always cuddling with you
her name….. Midnight

©2011 Danielle

South Jefferson Elementary School

City: Charles Town, WV

Grade Level: 3rd

Stumbling Along

With forgotten flesh falling from slumped shoulders
The undead rule the day and the night
Never sleeping
Never stopping

Blank eyes
And drooling lips
They hunger for muscle and humanity
Hoping to satisfy
An undead lust for death

They come in all forms
Of your friends and your beloved
Small and large
They blunder in packs
Seemingly harmless
But their teeth will not break on your bones

You can run
You can fight
But you can’t escape
A hungry society of brainless people
Trying their best to tear you apart

©2011 Angel

E.Lawson Brown Middle School

Thomasville, NC

Grade Level: 6


In a new world.

Fighting, becoming, Experiencing.

Living for a whole different purpose.

Struggling to hang on.

Living in a whole new place.

Witnessing, flying, watching people dying.

Romance, protest, evil galore.

Happiness, sadness, madness even.

Every second ticks by.

Living anew.

Never wanting to leave this mad world.

Becoming forever someone else.

©2011 Raina

Crawford K-8 School

Crawford, CO

Grade Level: 8th


Why did it come to this?
Why is it that the only people at this funeral are the priest and myself?
Why am I the only one in tears?
Make no mistake, the grave is marked with a clear truth.
“Here lies someone you wouldn’t know.”

©2011 Jackson

Comeaux High

Lafayette, LA

Grade Level: 12th

The Puppet Master

She plays with your heart
She builds up your trust just to smash it with a lie
She pretends to be your friend to destroy you
She’s just there to toy with you
To stretch you and bend you and twist you
Your heartbreak is her entertainment
But we all have learned
A toy does not last forever
If you play with it too much it will break
It will be broken beyond repair
You may fix it, but it will never be the same
That is the mission of the Puppet Master
She plays with your heart


Rainier Middle School

Auburn, WA

Grade Level: 7th


I am he. I am he who
never left your side.
At age two I was the teddy bear
you slept with at night.
You would stroke my fur,
and you would hold me tight.
At eight I was your playmate.
We would knights and dragons
for hours on end.
At 12 you needed someone to
listen to you.
We sat together
every afternoon as you told me
about your day.
But not any more.
You have drawn a curtain over our
days of glee.
You have forgotten about you and me.
When you lost me you lost yourself.
You broke my heart.
Where is your teddy?
Have you forgotten him already?
Do you not remember the summer days we spent slaying dragons,
or the long conversations
we shared in solitude?
For now you say you’ve grown up.
That you don’t need me.
But I am he.
I am he who never left your side,
and I will follow you until
you grow young.

©2011 Grace

Pioneer School

Lebanon, OR

Grade Level: 8th

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