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May 2017

Black Pen

A black pen runs smoothly over my paper,
I am writing down my fears and
I am writing to forget.
Darker as it dries,
I watch it like paint on the walls,
Hoping that people see I am busy and not approach.

I am cold, and as shivers go on marathons down my spine
I am reckless, writing against stares and hungry looks that hit my sides like arrows.
No I’m not okay.

My black pen twists and flows,
Waking up to wake me up,
I am asleep on the inside.
I wish I had enough white out to white out my existence,
My mistakes.

His voice was as smooth as a black pen gliding,
And I miss it writing all over my bones
And in the caves on my veins,
I don’t have white out.
I down some window cleaner, trying to clear out his black pen hieroglyphics that have
Made their home in my blood since

© 2017 Eden K.
Clearwater High School
Clearwater, Fl
Grade 10

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