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May 2017

Believing in Myself

My fingers squeak and slide,
I play but I have already tried,
Many times since yesterday,
But I still tried again today

The violin just stares back at me,
Brown and lifeless as I see.
I walk away, disheartened to play,
But I will try again another day

A year later I try it again,
Walking into my little practice den,
I start to play and love the song,
I play as if it hasn’t been long

The notes start to come on their own,
I start to play, feeling known,
Without knowing, I start to sway,
As I enjoy that minute, that hour, that day.

I continue playing, passing a goal,
Feeling passion, feeling control,
I play and all my shyness recedes,
Feeling like I have completed many good deeds

Now when I play, I reach a zone,
Knowing that I have surely grown,
I focus hard, putting all my energy into a song
Knowing that I did it, that I hadn’t gone wrong

I remember that the violin used to make me annoyed,
I would get frustrated and feel paranoid,
Until one day I tried and believed,
And that is the only thing that has helped me succeed.

© 2017 Maya H.
St Thomas Episcopal School
Bellaire, TX
Grade 7

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