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April 2017

Goodbye Mom

I wish for nothing more
Than just one more day
I would give it all
Just to hear you say

Do you homework!
Clean your room!
Put away the laundry!
Eat with your spoon!

The least I could have done
Was give you the time of day
But I thought it uncool
And pushed you away

You tucked me into bed
Then left my room
The last time I ever saw you
You left this world too soon

Something changed that day
Something deep inside
As you were laid in the ground
You weren’t the only one who died

You don’t realize how much
You love a person
Until they’re gone

I’ve been walking around
For the past year
Hollow, feeling empty
Devoid of any cheer

I can’t do it anymore
I’m just a shadow
Of the person I used to be

We all need to say goodbye
Sooner or later

My heart
Needs to be whole again

And now
Standing by your grave
Looking at your gravestone
Onto which is engraved

“Love lives on
Sleep to eternity
A free spirit
Precious are your memories”

I know you’re up there
Next to the sun and the moon
Don’t worry
I’ll get up there soon

Goodbye Mom

© 2017 Layla M.
The Kaust School
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Grade 8

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