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April 2017

My Little Bubble

Once I got some bubbly soap.
My first bubble looked like a very long rope.
Then I blew a very small bubble!

I jumped for joy when I blew,
it nearly popped on my shoe.
It almost flew way too high,
my bubble looked like it was shy.

“For goodness SAKES!” I said to myself.
“You could have popped on the shelf!”
Then I gently blew it to some meat.
My bubble couldn’t talk but surely wanted to eat.

The next day I went to check on it,
he was not floating over the necklace kit.
It had popped when I turned away,
But I blow a similar bubble every single day!

© 2017 Naomi S.
Parnassus Preparatory School
Maple Grove, MN
Grade 3

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