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March 2011

What Am I Suppose To Be?
I flip through the pages
of magazines.
Looking at all the flawless
women and men.
Is that what I’m suppose to be?
Am I suppose to have a picture
perfect smile with sparkling
white teeth?
Am I suppose to be just like
that tall, skinny girl?
Am I suppose to dress like
People try to persuade me
into thinking that’s what
I need to be.
Am suppose to as fake a barbie?
Or just me?
What am I suppose to be?

©2011 Gracie

Bridge City Middle School

City: Bridge City, TX

Grade Level: 7th

Parthenon Palindrome
A temple for Athena, still strong and tall
Built in ancient times before I can recall
The Statue of Athena 40 feet tall
24 pillars surrounding her hall
Beautiful things carved into the wall
Horses, warriors, animals and all
Made of Ivory, gold and jewels
Made with ancient Greek tools
Being rebuilt for 30 years
When done it will bring many cheers
It used to have colorful paint
But now all of the colors are very faint
A temple for Athena, still strong and tall

Built in ancient times before I can recall

©2011 Erin

The John Cooper School

The Woodlands, TX

Grade Level: 5th

Thinking of You
On a cloudy night
When friends are few
I close my eyes
and think of you
A silent hope
A silent tear
A silent wish
That you were here

©2011 Nick

Henry B Whitehorne Middle School

Verona, NJ

Grade Level: 8th

The page turns against the day as understanding brims our eyes
And against the offset of the morning it almost seems a dilation of the storm brewing above, but I know better.
Your sharp breaths threaten the very air before you as you try so desperately to exhale your heart’s protests into the open window you’ve not left for some time now
You asked me, “How does one ground wayward thoughts?”
“Clip the wings.” I said with as steady a voice as my quivering body would allow.
“And when that fails?” she retorted,
“Burn them.”

©2011 Jackson

Comeaux High

Lafayette, LA

Grade Level: 12th

©2011 Kimberly

Chapter School

City: Long Island City, NY

Grade Level: 3rd

I hear waves going up
and down like a ball
splish, splash, splosh
like jumping in puddles
and the ocean
splish, splash, splosh
like jumping in puddles

When the wind blows
very hard like someone
pushing you woosh, woosh, woosh
the waves crash into each other
like a crash of cars
crash, crash, crash
when I hear the sea shells

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