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March 2017

The Polar Poem

I awoke to the sounds of a roar.
So loud and fierce,
yet so … beautiful.
I looked out my window and wiped away the frost,
but only then did I find a blinding sight.
It huffed and puffed,
fogging up everything in its path.
I rushed outside to get a glimpse,
but it stopped …
when it arrived at my house.
Someone rang a bell
as if they were telling me to come aboard.
Every crunch,
every step in the snow,
a faint shadow drew closer and closer.
I stepped on in.
Smells of hot cocoa wafted past my nose.
I was ready for what adventure this would bring.
The monster started to take off,
and I took off with it.
We went faster than a cheetah,
racing over mountains and under tunnels.
I was enjoying everything too much when it started to move
and slower
and slower.
I stepped out
only to find a jolly good man staring at me.
He left out his hand,
but he then stepped closer towards me,
like he wanted me to take something.
He opened his hand
and there laid a shiny golden bell.
I carefully put it in my pocket,
as if it were a rare gem.

When I awoke the next morning,
the bell was no longer there.
Tears dripped down my cheeks
like a waterfall.
For it wasn’t until I looked under the tree that I found a small striped box.
And there laid the bell,
still as shiny and beautiful.
I rang it in my ear.
It was the smoothest sound ever.
That is the one night I’ll never forget,
the night on The Polar Express.

© 2017 Ellen W.
Chattanooga High School Center for Creative Arts
Chattanooga, TN
Grade 6

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