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January 2017

Mom’s Heels

Momma’s heels were huge to me,

But they still held my little feet.

They reminded me how big she was

And how I loved her just because.

I wanted to show her much I cared,

But she was all the way downstairs.

Slowly I walked down the hall,

Trying carefully not to fall.

As I got to the stairs I started to fumble,

Trying my best not to tumble.

I fell.

I got up from my fall,

Acting like nothing happened at all.

As I got up I did a little twirl,

Still proud to be Momma’s little girl.

Even if you tried,

Nothing could make me cry,

It’s all because of Momma’s heels

That make falling no big deal.

© 2017 Savana T.
Chattanooga High School Center For Creative Arts
Chattanooga, TN
Grade 7

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