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December 2016

Bottom Power

Great affluence of mild coercion
Euphemism of great weakness
Supplying domination from frail to might
Shrewdly pulling the strings of opinion
To play tunes pleasing to her

Bottom power
Unfair not trailblazer, trailed by fairness
Speeding her path with ambition vast like titanic,
Building Everest high ambition
Make-marring her

With you ‘behind’
She’s moused the ‘CPU’ of the system,
Gently dragging the bossy processor to the recycle bin
Pinning with craft, her programs on the Taskbar of control

We’re made victims of eviction,
Taking us down,
Down the rocky terrain of misguided mayhem
Guarded by the power she possess,
BOTTOM POWER, the power line

© 2016 Jeremiah Chukwuemeka
University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Port Harcourt, Rivers State

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