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Wind, stars, sound, nature.
Fire, earth, water, air, nature.
Sounds of rain and birds and the wind
are all parts of nature.
The wind singing a song.
Nature, nature, nature, nature.
Grass and trees are
the instruments in the song.
A song screaming to get out to the world.
A world willing to hear.

©2011 Jarret
North Hill E.S.
Burlington, IA
Grade Level: 4th

Skies in the Corner of My Eye
There are deep blue skies in the corner of my eye
Full of deep sweet bliss and rays of sun
I want to catch that sky in the corner of my eye
But by the time I turn, it will only turn to grey

There are starry night skies underneath my bed
A pit of bottomless shooting lights galore
I want to hold that burning fire in my hand
But it will just die out, and ashes float away

There is a field of flowers on my bathroom ceiling
Petals of He loves me and He loves me not
I want to float amongst them, blossoms in my hair
But I will only fall, and wither away

There is a gallant prince outside my kitchen window
So noble is he on his white steed below
I want to lean out and take his uplifted hand
But he will only turn and gallop away

©2011 Hannah
Camden, TN
Grade Level: 10th

Life Story Ages One to Ten

The first day you’re born,
You don’t know anything at all.
At the age of one,
You are cute and small.
When you are becoming two,
You learned to say goo-goo.
And a round age three,
You are still learning to talk.
About the time you’re four,
You should know how to walk.
By the time you’re five,
You have to go to school.
When you are six,
You learn the meaning of cool.
Oh-no! You are seven!
You are getting scold.
Now you’re eight.
Don’t want to do what you’re told.
It’s finally nine.
Start a relationship.
Time for ten,
Get a grip.
I have some tea.
Want a sip?
Alright, alright.
I couldn’t think of an end.
Don’t keep me up all night.

©2011 Kristen
Arcola M.S.
Lansdale, PA
Grade Level: 8th

The Move

I try my hardest to do whats right,
But in my world theres a war to fight,
Right or wrong, left or right,
Try your hardest, use all your might,
Friends can help, but what can you do,
When all your friends are torn from you,
new house, new places, no friends, new faces,
I do my best and told im behind,
I write my feelings rhyme after rhyme,
My poem wont end, my life moves on,
I need someone to walk with, a friend to lean on.

©2011 Isaac
Lafayette H.S.
Lafayette, LA
Grade Level: 11th

I Might’ve Said Yes

I might’ve said yes
But right now it’s a no
Inside I’m thinking maybe
That’s the way it goes
I don’t care what you think
about me
I don’t care if it’s not kind
I’ve made up my mind.
I might’ve said yes

©2011 Hayli
Clinton County Middle
Albany, KY
Grade Level: 7th


The bell rings I dash
The teacher says goodbye
The same thing everyday
The world needs a change
The teachers get taught by me
The school only serves ice cream
The people say hello to me
The world needs change
The night is only 2 hours long
The school hours are 2 hours
The friends of mine sleep over
The parents always say yes to me
The world needs change
The same thing through everyday
The bell rings I dash for the door
The teacher says have a good weekend
The change has begun!

©2011 Baylee
Elberta Middle School
Lillian, AL
Grade Level: 7th

Shattered, webbed mirror
Flawed window into the past
Filled with broken dreams

©2011 Rose
Hudson High School
Hudson, FL
Grade Level: 9th

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