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May 2015


The distance between you and I
can be measured by the lack of conversations we share,
that end on a good note.

Whenever there is an exchange of words,
our voices would start to boom and compete with the sound of thunder.
Causing the ground to shake and tremble beneath our feet.

Our faces would turn bright red and eyebrows tilt.
Our jaws clamp tight but lips would raise
to bare our pearly whites, turning us into dogs,
battling for dominance.

Our eyes are absent of compassion,
holding rage and agitation within them.
Both fists clenched ready to swing
as if we were in an boxing arena
where no rules applied.

Our brains do not correctly process
the words that crawl out of our own mouths
making us announce things we don’t
mean to say.

The distance between you and I
will be measured by the number of miles
I will drive away from you.

© 2015 Destiny Q.
Commack High School
Commack, NY
Grade 10

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