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January 2011


I walk through the halls
My head bent down low
Looking at cracks
And walking so slow

Dreading the moment
That ring will go off
Sending me forward
And making me run

My friends are laughing
I quickly join in
Knowing what’s waiting
Quietly fearing

I walk through the door
And look at the board
My heart skips a beat
My breathing quickens

It says plain as day
In that bold red font
Today a pop quiz
I knew there would be

©2011 Caitlyn

Challenger Middle School

San Diego, CA

Grade Level: 7th

How To Kill A Pig

Sharpen your sticks, be ready to kill
Start lickin’ your lips, time to get your fill
Throw your spears with extreme force
Your are hungry show no remorse
Squeal goes the pig, dying a slow painful death
Music to your ears, tying it by it’s feet
Have no fears, it’s time to eat.

©2011 Johan

Central Catholic High School

Modesto, CA

Grade Level: 10th


Tree, tree waving in the breeze
saying look at me, look at me.
Look at me waving in the breeze.
I am the best of them all.
They are tiny and weak.
I am tall and very strong.
Their leaves dainty and brown.
mine are bright green and healthy.
I am a tree waving in the breeze.

©2011 Jamie

Lincoln Elementary

Huntington, IN

Grade Level: 5th


peace looks like a colorful rainbow covering the sky peace is babies sleeping in their cribs
peace can even be a piece of pizza being chewed
peace is always something somewhere

©2011 Sabina

Mariposa Elementary

Redlands, CA

Grade Level: 4th


everytime i see the dark
i go blind
i don’t know where i am going
bumping into things
falling and seeing things
i get scared
running into my parents’ bed
feeling safe
now i know my dad is there
hugging and laughing
until i fall asleep
right in his arms
sound asleep
feeling loved while i sleep
i don’t make a peep
until the morning
when i see his face

i love you dad
thanks for being there

© 2011 Katelynn

Middletown High School

City: Middletown, NY

Grade Level: 9th

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