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March 2015

Blossoming Flowers

Blossoming flowers
I’m waiting to see them
What a delight
Pink, blue, yellow and white
They tell a story both far and near
That winter is gone and spring is here.

Blossoming Flowers
In our life some rain must fall
Fall on the petals of our heart
Feelings spinning forth afresh and anew
Like blossoming flowers in the morning dew.

A sweet, sweet fragrance comes nigh my nose
It made me jitter, it made me froze
The unknown, I didn’t see a bud
Didn’t know it would open
Didn’t know it would bloom
Blossoming flowers everywhere by noon.

Oh yes, high noon, it’s here at last
A time to have a life long blast
And smell all the flowers along the way
‘Cause someone else will sniff them another day.

Blossoming flowers
To bloom or not to bloom … no such question
Bloom flowers bloom
Make my day
My tomorrow
My future
My eternity
Tell your story far and near
Winter is gone and spring is here
Blossoming Flowers.

© 2015 Christine Lee
McCormick, SC

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