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March 2015

The Anonymouse

There once was a poet
And quite a good one too
The poet was self-conscious
And he wrote his name in clues

One night he wrote a poem,
Of his life and of his worries
And when he looked it over,
He entered it, but in a hurry

The publisher read over the poem,
And noted it of its worth
But when he reached the bottom
He cried, “There is no name!”

The publisher sent the poem back,
with a note scribbled on the page
And when the poet read this note,
He re-sent his poem, enraged.

The publisher again found the poem,
And saw the poet’s trick
For he did not but write his name,
A pen name, was his wish

The publisher could not argue,
For he himself wrote poems
And he himself had a pen name,
And he published every one

For the poem was but published,
But the publisher was blue
“Who is this Anonymouse” he said,
“Who writes his name in clues!”

© 2015 Anonymouse
Tenafly Middle School
Tenafly, NJ
Grade 8

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  • WOW! Charlotte you did great and I think the drum was a great incitement bsaucee it was loud but I could still hear you I think you and your group worked well as a team. I think you did splendid.

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