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February 2015

This is what I’ve come to know.
as the city I’m from begins to snow,
I sit alone
and full of woe.

A slave to the bottle
I am no more.
even the plant I once longed for
has lost its allure.

Intoxicating myself with
substances never felt so wrong.
it’s not enough anymore …
I’ve grown too strong.

What I really crave
is a mystery to solve.
a magical mind
who’s been through it all.

How I would love
to take it apart.
and piece it together,
like a form of art.

But where are these souls?
that indeed should be lost.
are they out here,
or buried in the frost.

I long for something …
a little more intriguing.
and that is why,
I can’t cease to think about leaving.

© 2015 Catherine F.
University of Texas at San Antonio
San Antonio, TX

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