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the rain trickles from the rain gutters,
making a sound that utters.
light it is and light it shall be,
it even soaked the old maple tree.
light or dark the clouds do as they will,
little holes in the road the rain fills.
pitter patter is the noise it makes,
the rain coats the children will take.
rainy days aren’t always bad,
but they can make you feel sad.
next time it rains do consider,
and listen for the patter pitter.

© 2010 Nicky

Westfield Intermediate School

Westfield, In

Grade Level: 6th

The boy sat and waited
What was he to do with his life
He hears his parents
They are fighting
He is lonley
He is scared
What should he do
He waits and waits
Then he hears crying
His father breaks down the door
He enters with a gun
He is drunk
His mother comes into the room
She is crying
His father points the gun at him
His mother throws herself on top of him
To protect him,
He did not know
The last thing he heard was his mother crying

© 2010 Rylee

Grimmer M.S.

Schererville, IN

Grade Level: 7th


The unpainted walls that the brother destroyed,

The brother of the sister that was always annoyed.

The walls which had been littered with pen, pencil andsharpie.

The walls which I looked at never ceased to amaze me.

For when I looked at these walls,

I saw a masterpiece wanted by all.

© 2010 Alex

Valley Intermediate School

Pelham, AL

Grade Level: 4th


A lad miles away asks a crowd to look with him at a field that exists only in tale

He speaks of tresures, of winds fires and fields, and soon trades his soul for a sail

“A tone of two blooms keeps me a-dance on a beach, torn between land and sea

But where to go, and what to see, or perhaps all there is is to be.”

Upon pondering each choice, while resting with the tide
He loses his voice and goes pale

He writes apologetically, to all but the sea

And soon trades his soul for a sail

© 2010 Jackson

Comeaux High School

Lafayette, LA

Grade Level: 12th

2 comments to DECEMBER 2010

  • Alex Wilkins

    I am so excited that my poem got posted and, I `m impressed these other poems are entertaining.

  • Mrs. McDonald's Class


    We are all so proud of you for getting your poetry published. Keep writing and sharing your great thoughts with the world.

    We love you,

    Mrs. McDonald’s Class

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