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January 2015

The Grade

We got our test back today
I was hoping I would get an A
Mrs. Smit passed them back out
I felt that I didn’t need to doubt

I got mine second and got a C!
And I felt I needed to flee
Later that day I met up with Mrs. Smit
We had to go over it bit by bit

I went out of the classroom and saw my friends talking
When they said they got A’s I went walking
The next day I felt like a lion who was green
I guess I will never be a smart teen

Today we had to take another test
And I felt I would be a sour loser just like zest

We got our tests back at three o’ clock
When I got mine back students started to mock
I was surprised when I got an A
And I felt as smart as Albert Einstein today!

© 2015 Sophie C.
Batesville Intermediate School
Batesville, IN
Grade 4

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