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December 2014

Rose petals falling, swiftly in the dark, I feel them against my cheek, leading me further into this part, but no matter where they lead me, no matter where they go, I will have faith and remember, I’ll never know what light is, till I experience the dark

(c) 2014 Sajoel H.
Greenville Senior High School
Greenville OH
Grade 9

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  • Braeden K.

    Wonderful poem! I wonder if I could meet you someday! Greenville is only 15 minutes from me!

  • Short and powerful, its beautiful!!!! We going to the same grade :) visit my blog

  • But come back before it’s dark and don’t go to the lake, it is too windy.’But after the talk,I went oudtise and I went past the school,And I walked by the churchAnd down near the wall,Up past the shop,And straight past the park,Then I went to the lake,Mum said don’t go,But I didn’t listen, then suddenly,A gust of wind came and knocked over a boat and down came a sail,It made the waves grow bigger,And all the flags flapped and flutted,And it started to rain,Back home I went I saw a fallen down tree that was in the way ,But I din’t stop to think I climbed over it and carried on,It was 5’oclock so I ran faster THEN!!!Well done, Ellie! You have stuck to JF’s style really well. I hope you do listen to mum! Mrs R.

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