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November 2014

The Hatchling

The hatchling sat atop his nest
He felt the air and stretched his wings
He longed to soar the skies and yet
The fear pressed down and now he sings

“I wish to be out there, my kin;”
He warbled from his lonely perch
“For if a bird be scared of wind,
Then tell me what would be his worth?”

He crept out to a branch below
The limb caught in his panicked grip
How it must feel, he had to know
And then he had a fateful slip

He chirped a cry and flapped in fear
Whilst growing farther from the skies
His desperate call had found no ear
His fear forgotten, now he flies

(c) 2014 Braeden K.
Arcanum High School
Arcanum OH
Grade 12

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