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November 2014

This Poem Makes No Sense

One day, a tiger sat in a tree.
At the same time, drinking a cup of tea.
“At the age of three I was bitten by a bee”, he said to a passing pre-shrunk skunk.
The skunk said “phoo”
His face turned blue.
And he walked off into the sky.
The next day, a boy by the name of Bill.
Saw an armadillo from the country of Brazil.
His little snout was poked high in the air.
And he started to growl like a Grizzly Bear.
He jumped up once, and he jumped up twice.
And he ran away fast, as fast as mice.
Then, later that day, the King of France.
Came to his parlor, to jump and dance.
He danced around once, and he danced around twice.
And he saw on the floor, a bag of rice.
He leaned down far to pick it up.
But, before he could, a little pup.
Ran over and scooped him up.
The pup carried him wide and he carried him far.
And he tossed him in his gigantic car.
He stepped on the gas, and went vroooom, vroooom.
And sped the king off to his tomb.
He stepped on the brake, and stopped the car.
And smacked the king, with his huge guitar.
He tossed the king into his grave.
And as the king was buried, the pup gave a wave.
The pup sped off in his fancy car, no longer poor.
And, that’s all there is, there isn’t any more.

(c) 2014 Ben E.
Saint Edward’s School
Vero Beach FL
Grade 5

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