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As I stare out my window, I wonder what I really see,
Not the wild night life of Vegas,
or the loud busy life of New York, surely not the hot windy deserts of Nevada.
What time of day is it,
for I know not, nor do I care.
Time is but a thing
a thing that changes us.
Age, beauty, health all
Affected by one single thing.
No, tonight I think I’ll stare out my window,
gazing at nothingness.
As I stare out my window, I wonder what I really see.

©2010 Marlene

Lafayette High School

Lafayette, LA

Grade Level: 9th

New Girl-No Girl

Meet the new girl.

Where is she from?
What is she like?
When did she move?
Did she have friends?
What is her name?

I am the new girl.

No personality.
Just now.
No friends.

My name?
I don’t have one.

©2010 Kristen

Arcola Middle

Lansdale, PA

Grade Level: 8th

DASH! Around the corner
And into the dark alley
GASP! At the pitch black
Rats scuttle
Have to act fast
Have to run
Far, Far away
Big Thump, Thump
Just around the corner
Slink into the darkness
The cold dark
Waiting, Waiting
Never Seen!
Never heard
Dart back to the house
Don’t tell mom we went into the alley

©2010 Hannah

St. Edwards School

Vero Beach, FL

Grade Level: 7th

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