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October 2014

This Life

I’m high on life
Music is my heartbeat
Books are the air I breathe
The earth is the sweetest song I sing
The trees and the sea are my temptresses
Challenging me letting me know there is more to explore more to see
I want to experience touch, feel, see everything
I want to do it all
And never forget
All the things I haven’t done yet!
I want to fly through the sky
And let the air flow over me
I want to fall in love, break up, make love
Then do it all over again
I want to go from place to place
Going where ever the wind may send
I want to ride the waves feel the sun on my face
Oh the possibilities this life was made for me!

(c) 2014 Vanessa S.
Mississinawa Valley High School
Union City OH
Grade 12

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