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October 2014

Hallow’s Eve

Crisp, cool air blows through the golden sunlight

The sun, brilliant in its own majesty,
Shines bright throughout the countryside

The bittersweet aroma of the land below fills the zephyr

The colors of fall slowly dull as the light withdraws from the sky

Darkness envelops the land…

The moon is aglow, luminous and shimmering in the shadows

The air turns cold and empty

Soulless and feral,

Its icy embrace chills the very marrow of your bones…

The confines of the dead rupture and loosen

The sky takes on a flocculent, incandescent glow

As purgatory pours forth into the realm of the living…

It diverges across the land

Leaving only Decimation and Destruction in its wake…

Dawn breaks, a sense of serenity blankets the land

The crisp, warm air blows through the gentle, golden sunlight

The sun, blissful and brilliant in its own majesty

Shines bright down upon the beautiful countryside

Somewhere, off in another land

Laughing could be heard

Over the midst of Armageddon

Hallow’s Morn has begun

(c) 2014 Connor M.
Matoaca Middle School East
Chesterfield County VA
Grade 8

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