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August 2014


I walked in the moonlight,
Where the Sun never shone.
The sight that I saw
Chilled me to the bone.

They say the saying’s false;
There is no love at first sight.
But it was in that place that I fell;
It was in the moonlight.

It was you, who I found,
As beautiful as could be.
That’s when love struck hard;
That’s when it hit me.

You turned around,
And I gasped.
I cast my head down and kept walking;
I didn’t look as I passed.

The moonlight plays tricks;
That’s why I didn’t look.
I was scared your beauty wouldn’t be true;
It’s the oldest trick in the book.

But there was a force
That made me turn back around.
I realized right there,
I couldn’t be more love-bound.

There in the moonlight,
Beauty was evident on your face.
And when the Sun had risen,
Nothing was misplaced.

© 2014 Sanam T.
Palm Harbor University High School
Palm Harbor FL
Grade 9

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  • Campbell Griffin

    This is a really sweet poem.

    • Aw, this became iclbedirny first-class post. Back in thinking I would such as to make a note of that fit this description bringsabout : slacking plus total strength toearn a pretty decent article… on the flip side what could As i say… I actually wait a lotbecause well as in appear go basically finished.

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