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July 2014

Barely Blazed

We change without our own consent,
And we present ourselves as new
With no real clue of
What to do.

What once was a telegraph
Became a photograph instantly uploaded
Into your Gmail while a female
Directs you to the nearest bar.

The world has broken chains,
Maximized trains, piloted planes,
Driving in the fast lane,
All in the name of economic gain.

The people have evolved from
Savages that used to ravage nature
For the spoils;
To immigrants whose toils enslaved
The depraved natives;
To politicians whose mission is change.
While fishing for votes, dishing out dirt,
To get their enemy’s admission
Or some obvious omission of the truth.

We’re genetically modified
Resistant to pesticides
Desensitized to herbicides
Laymen of homicide
Masters of genocide
Spectators of suicide.

Without fail the only trail
Blazed enough to see, leads us
To repeat the same rhyme
Every time;
Until we exist no more.

© 2014 Zachariah S.
The Linsly School
Wheeling, WV
Grade 12

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