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October 2010

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It is different to many people. Beauty is a mother giving birth, the stars at night, the clear blue sky, pearls that you hold in your hand. Everyone is beautiful inside and outside and everywhere in between. Beauty is all around us from the little things to the big things from the smallest of a wasp’s nest to the biggest building beauty is everywhere. Have you ever stopped to look at something whether big or small? Have you ever thought that, that one sight will soon fade? Have you ever thought how a blind person feels to enjoy the sights that we carelessly neglect to enjoy? Have you ever thought of beauty to be more than what is on the outside of a person?

©2010 Leticia

Charleston job corps

Charleston, WV

Grade Level: 12th

Writing is not easy
If you’re feeling sneezy.
It’s hard to think
When your face is pink.
Sometimes you feel snoozy
Like you’re in a Jacuzzi.
Sometimes it’s a pain
When you’re feeling insane.
Sometimes writing’s a pest
When you’re feeling a mess.
You just want to stop and you’d rather mop.
You’d rather have school for 100 days,
But your teacher says…

©2010 Dominic

Israel Loring Elementary School

Sudbury, MA

Grade Level: 4th

With a joyful melody I sang and sang with a symphony! They told me no but thats OK I did it anyway! I sang and sang and sang so sweet, then a bee stung my knee! I guess I didn’t sing so sweet after that bee stung my knee!
In between the yells and screams I herd a little tweet tweet tweet! A little blue jay landed on my feet and we both sang tweet tweet tweet!

©2010 Abigail

Coker Elementary

San Antonio, TX

Grade Level: 4th


it gives us families.
cracks in the world.
hands to hold.
without it;
I would have no family to love.
a lonely hand,
no crack to patch up.
was given to me from a mighty hand.
a firm hand to always hold.
a family when you need it.
I have a family.
I seal cracks in the world.
I HAVE a hand to hold.
Hands that catch me here on earth.
Then I have another waiting to see if I fall Running home.

©2010 Jordan



Grade Level: 7th

words can have many meanings.
some are good some are bad.
you may say they are only words.
but words can be very powerful.
they can make you feel powerless.
to me words are like bullets.
they come straight at you. . .
words are like rain drops.
there so many sometimes.
they build up and make a puddle.
you cant get rid of words no matter what you do they still come after you. fighting them is useless.
ignoring them makes it worse. . . .
words arent always bad though. somtimes the words you hear or see can make your stomach flip and feel your heart with warmth. somtimes the simplest of words can mean so to one person. . .
words can have many meanings. some are good some are bad sometimes the simplest of words can mean so much. sometimes the words you say can leave a hole in someones heart. . .

©2010 Scarberry

Meadowview middle school

Mt. Airy, NC

Grade Level: 8th

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