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June 2014


Ortley Beach was always my favorite place to go, I loved
fishing, crabbing, kayaking and the ducks and swans saying hello.

My Granny’s house was always full of family and friends, the food
and fun had no end.

I loved walks on the beach and sunsets over the bay, whenever it was time to leave I always
wanted to stay!

Hurricane Sandy was on it’s way, causing destruction along the way. The damage
was something no one expected, my Granny and her friends were all affected.

The ocean rose and caused a flood, within our house was four feet of water and mud.

Walking thru the house I felt so sad, Hurricane Sandy made me so mad!

Seeing the roller coast in the ocean, I felt so many sad emotions.

We hope to be in the house this summer, not being there has been a bummer.

The memories of the old shore house were fun, but now it’s time to make new ones!

© 2014 by Lauren Joy S.
Wilson School
West Caldwell, NJ
3rd Grade

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