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May 2014

Her Favorite

Sundays were her favorite
The beginning of a new week
A fresh start
But more importantly
A day well spent with her family

Lately there was just not enough time in her day
Rushing here, running there,
Late to this and missing that
Except those Sunday mornings
Sundays were her favorite

Waking up to the smell of maple syrup
Feeling the warmth of the sun glare through the window
Listening to the sounds of her siblings upstairs
Never had she been happier to be alive
Sundays were her favorite

For Sunday is usually the saddest day of them all
School and work at six the next morning
Late cramming for homework
Rushing to plan the week
But Sundays were still her favorite

For she realized how lucky she really was
To gather around the television and watch silly shows
To laugh at jokes that weren’t funny
Even to argue over who gets the last waffle
Sundays were her favorite

She would wait all weekend to spring out of bed
To learn new things about her family
For the most important moments in her life
Were always the small ones
Sundays, were her favorite

© 2014 Jennifer R.
Commack High School
Commack, NY
Grade 10

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