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April 2014

Closed Doors

I cry myself to sleep,
Just wishing it would stop.
Maybe tomorrow it will cease,
Then again maybe not.

You push me and you poke me,
You call me hurtful names.
To me it’s like a living hell,
To you it’s like fun and games.

Your heart is made of cold ice,
But it doesn’t even deserve that.
Mine was once a rainbow,
But you’ve molded it to a black hole.

I hate you; I hate everyone,
There is no one I can trust.
Are you proud of what you’ve done,
You’ve turned my soul into dust.

If there was a door I could open,
A simple path I could tread.
I don’t want to be stuck here forever,
In this endless spiral of dread.

© 2014 Tara R.
Secondary Learning Center
Seattle, WA
Grade 11

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