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March 2014

Early December

I wake up to celebrate our past
Looking out through my window I feel tremendously equal
Making my morning tea I feel the warmth between us
We remember early December

Playing at school knowing evil is far from us people
As I decorate my glittering snow flake making Christmas
two of our most treasured times of the month
We applaud in early December

Watching the churches pasture reminding us of the given peace to our land
I look around to see no one is staring at our skins, knowing it no longer matters
At supper when I can eat knowing I am secure
To those who fought I bow in early December

I feel the tips of my hair dancing with joy
The grin within my father as we walk to the square
The twinkling stars at my front porch as I say good bye to the days end
As I lay paralyzed by sleep in bed I say good-bye to early December

© 2014 Elizabeth R.
Escuela Campo Alegre
Caracas, Venezuela
Grade 7

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