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December 2013

Save Yourself

Dry your feeble tears
And peel away your agony.
Writhing in self-pity
Will never get you far.

Do not grieve your God-forsaken past
It can never be rewritten.
Your endless sadness is no more beautiful
Than the scars upon your wrists,
And nobody is coming to save you.

Save yourself.

If pain is soaked into your skin
Then strip.
Strip down until your naked bones
Reflect the sweet array of sunlight
That you used to marvel at.

Open your eyes to beauty,
Smile at the world every day
And she shall smile back.
Learn once more to laugh
Learn to respect and to cherish.

Take your fragile heart and strengthen it with love
You must create your own future
And become your own hero.
You will not be saved.

So please,
Save yourself.

© 2013 Julianne S.
Dix Hills NY
Grade 11

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